Plot Edit

Dax Bees Active While The Rangers Bild A New Weapon

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Air date 4 March 2007
Written by User:Migster7/User:Ben10fan3
Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
Kamdor Returns
Fearcats Unite


Spencer Um So Wtf Andrew Have U Got There

Andrew Nothing :P

Mack Hey Look I Found Something

Flurios No No No U Failed

Norg Me

Flurios Shutup U Rat Kamdor Have u got A plan

Kamdor Yea And It Dosent Invole U Old Man

Flurios How NDare U

Norg Huh


RobotRagger (Hums)

Rose Love Urself

Dax Stop Listing To Justin Bebber

Rose Im Not

Dax Yea He Sings Love Urself

Rose Whatever

Moltor That Fool Flurios I Will Destroy Him

Andrew Guys Theres A Hunter In The Streets

RobotRagger What A Silly Place Yes

Mack Were Here Who r U

RobotRagger No Concer To U


(Mack Unmorphs)

Dax Saber



RobotRagger Ur Weak

Will Spin Mode

RobotRagger Yes Times Up


(The 4 Unmorph)

RobotRagger Goodbye

Kamdor Thats My Plan Mira

Andrew Fucking Imbancing To Watch

Mack Ugh My Shoulder Hiurts

Andrew Whatever

RobotRagger Yes Kamdor They Were Easy

Kamdor i Want U To Destroy The Rangers That Was Step 1 Now For Step 2 

Mack Yes Im Here

Mira And Now Ur Going To Die Ya


Miratrix Like Me Now

Mack Saber

Miratrix Fool


(Mack Falls)

Miratrix U r Going To Suffer

Norg Master Look

Flurios That Febel Mira Is Taking Out The Red Ranger

Norg Yes

Miratrix Ur Finshed

Mack Ugh


(Mack Unmorphs)

Miratrix Kamdor The Red Ranger Is Down

Kamdor Good Now Il Send The Ragger Out

RobotRagger Rangers Ur All Done For

Andrew Go U 4

Will Hey U

RobotRagger 4 OIf U Ur Red Ranger Is History

Dax Never He'll Always Come Back

RobotRagger Over My Dead Body


Dax Ugh

RobotRagger Hahaha

Mack U

RobotRagger What

Mack Cannon


RobotRagger Pathetic

Kamdor Useless Fools

Mira Of Corse They r

RobotRagger Yes Now Il

Andrew Guys Use The Sprocket Blast

Mack U Wish U Had Help Sprocket Blast


Kamdor No Ninja Compleate


Mack Shit

RobotRagger The Unverse Is Mine

Mack No Plame Megazord

RobotRagger Pathetic




Mack Ugh

Ronny Lets Use This Star Capturer 

Mack Wtf

Ronny Hes Drained Energey Ya


RobotRagger What But

Ronny Yes Now Saber


Kamdor They Figered It Out

Mira Im Sorry Sirrer

Kamdor No We Need To Get Rid Of Flurios & Moltor

The End

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