Plot Edit

Dayu Plans To Kiddnapp Mia And Emliy But Only Kiddnappes Mia

Triva Edit

Antino Dose Not Appre In This Episode

Dekers Actl Apprence Is This Episode

Transcript Edit

Xandrend 100 Years Ago That Idiots Father Destroyed Me

Octoroo yes

Dayu Fuck This

Serrator Laughs

Xandrend Huh Deker That Dick Is Back

Serrator Shall I Finsh Him

Xandrend Fool No I Have A Plan For Him

Ji Oh No My Backi

Emliy booo

Jayden Yes Aggred

Deker So Xa

Xandrend Deker

Deker Ahhh Yes

Xandrend Lets Fight

(Deker Slashs Xandrend But Xandrend Shoots Him) (And Escapes)

Kevim Ahh Were Here

Deker Red Ranger Its Time

Jayden No

Deker Why You Chiken

Jayden Im No Chiken

Deker Very Well (Leaves)

Octoroo Master

Xandrend Deker Gives Me Headackes

Deker So The Red Ranger Is A Fool

Xandrend Hello Deker

Deker You


(Xandrend Wins)

Xandrend You Fool You Thought You Could Destroy Me ur Pathetic Now Leave

Deker Fine But Next Time

Xandrend I Will Win

The End

Dekers Frist Fought
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 11 December 2015
Written by William Fouracres

Judd Lynn (As Chip Lynn)

Directed by Jonathan Brough
Episode Guide
100 Years Ago
Blue Puppet

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