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Kingsmen Start Attacking The City While Damaras Trys To Find The Location Of The Command Center

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(Damaras Is Wallking Down The Ally Of The Ship He Gets His Phone)

Damaras Mavro This Plan Is Working

Guy Yes Of Corse It Is

Damaras Il Keep Plotting Aginst Him

Kingsmen 1 Master Damaras

Damaras I Want You To Attack The City Sh9ow The Rangers Who Are Boss

Troy Ok Why Are We Waiting At Ernies Maccas

Orion IDK


Orion Weve Gotta Stop Vekars Plans Ther Getting More Stronger Than Ever

Troy Aggred

Gosei Troy Order Me Maccas

Troy No

Tensou A Attack Better Get Down To The City And Fast

(The Rangers Arrive)

Orion Ok Wheres The Scums

Kingsmen 2 Right Here Come And Face Our Ass

Troy Oh Yeah Super Force Mode Red

Gia Super Force Mode Yellow

Emma Super Force Mode Pink

Jake Super Force Mode Green

Noah Super Force Mode Blue

Orion Super Force Mode Silver

Kingsmen 2 Fools U Are Nothing Aginst Us

Troy Wolf Warrior Bow Strike


Kingsmen 2 Weak Here Have It Back

(The Kingsmen Trow It Back At The 6 Rangers)


(They Unmorph)

Orion Ugh

Kingsmen 2 Lets Retreat

Damaras Ugh (Bangs The Ship) This Plan Is Failing That Weak Prince Needs To Be Destroyed

Orion So What Do We Do

Gosei You Better Unlock Ultimate Force Mode


Gosei That Will Help U Aginst These Red Poffs

Vekar Who Are These Red Minuns I Want Fricking Answers Other Wise I Will Destroy U Cunts

Levira They Were Sent By Your Father

Vekar What?

Argus Ahhh Yes Father & Mummy Looking After A Baby

Vekar You Big Idiot GTFO

Argus Yes Sir

Troy Ok I Have A Plan We'll Go Psycho

Gia How

Troy I Have the Keys

Orion Oh Holly Shit That's Good Stuff M8

Troy Ther Back

(The 6 Go)

Troy Ok U 2 Are In For A Big Supprise Psycho Red

Gia Psycho Yellow

Jake Psycho Black

Emma Psycho Pink

Noah Psycho Blue

Orion Psycho Silver

Kingsmen 2 Psycho Kingsmen What Idiots Rage Blast




(The 6 Unmorph)

Orion ugh Fuck

Kingsmen 2 Now We'll Finsh You

Orion Oh No

Kingsmen 1 Nice Knowing U Ranger

Orion Oh Yeah

Kingsmen 1 Yeah

Orion Flip Kick


Orion Lets Go Legendary Mystic Force Gold Ranger Gold Cannon




Kingsmen 2 Come Waxer

Waxer Rangers

Kingsmen 2 We Better Retreat

(The 2 Kingsmen Leave)

Orion Ok So We Have To Handle That Gold Digger Mode Ya


Orion This Is New

Waxer Fool

(Waxer Shoots Orion Orion Slashs Him With The Pixer Saber Then Goes Pixer Mode And Shoots Him With The Pixer Gun)

Waxer Ugh.....Curse U

Troy No Curse You Super Strike


Gia Strike


Emma Strike


Jake Strike


Noah Strike


Orion Gold Digger Mode Fire Sorwad Slash


Waxer Fuq-


Vekar Weak Saterlight Beem

Waxer Yes

Orion This Guy Is Going Down Thunderbolt Megazord

Troy Super Megastrike Megazord Mega Hit (Runs Up And Strikes Waxer)

Waxer Ugh

Orion Ok Lets Go RPM Gold Strike Megazord Super Saber


Waxer Fuck Me Dead-


Vekar Damaras Argus Told Me That You Were Tallking To Someone If I Hear That Again You Will Be Dead

Damaras Yes Magistey I'm Sorry I Promise I Wont Fail You

Vekar You Better Not

Orion So That Was Fun

Gosei Yes Aggred But Theres Going To Be More Of Em There The Emperors Minuns

Orion & The 5 Rangers Gasp

The End

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Air date 9 September 2014
Written by User:As I Return
Directed by User:Stranger26/User:NickFusi0n
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Emmas Goal

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