Plot Edit

After Punished By Olmpuis Vypra & Loki Bring Back A Old Friend

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Dia Returns
Air date 19 November 2000
Written by User:Letter guy
Directed by User:Planet awesome
Episode Guide
Deviot Returns
Prince Vs Demon King





Vypra Ugh

Loki No

Olmpuis Useless fools

Loki No It Was The Rangers Fault They Foiled Evreything

Vypra Yeah Even The Ark Crystel

Olmpuis Eongh Lies I Will Destroy The Rangers

Vypra And Us

Olmpuis GTFOutta My Site

Vypra Loki Come Wth me Its Time

Loki For Wat

Vypra The Nextr Step

Carter Um So Yeah Olmpuis Is The QAuerens Son

Ryan Yes And The Queen Will Stop At Nothing Of Destroying Tis Planet

Olmpuis Laughs


Ryan Ugh

Carter Olmpuis

Olmpuis Hello Rangers

Carter Times Up

Olmpuis Oh No I Dont Think So

Dana Were Here

Olmpuis FoolsCRASH

Ryan Ugh Lightspeed Power

Vypra We Have Arrived

Loki Dinty We Vist Here Um Yea

Vypra Sliance Scugger Gegger Gess

(A Guy Craws Out i mean a villian Then It Relives To Be Diablocciol)

Dia Yes I Am Back

Vypra Olmpuis Is Being A Prick

Dia Ahhh The Stupid Child I Will Destroy That Worthless Peace Of Shit 

Vypra IKR

Dia Now My Frist Plan Return

Olmpuis Ha


Ryan Commbind Our Weapons Reddy To Say Goodbye


Olmpuis Rangers.....U Will Be Destroyed (Leaves)

Olmpuis Ugh That fool I- U Again

Dia Yes I Have Returned

Vypra Now U Abey Us

Olmpuis Id Rather Abey Shit Than U

(Vypra Shits)

Vypra There Abey That

Olmpuis Ugh Yuck It Stinks Get Out

Dia No U Get Out

Olmpuis Fine But Not For Long

Mitchell Rangers

Ryan Yes

Mitchell Disapointed

Ryan Cool

Mitchell No Not Cool

Dana Olmpuis Is Yea IK

Mitchell Yes His Strong

The End

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