Plot Edit

Zombozo Wants Money So He Can Pay Hes Cousion Lopbozo's Fine

Charcters Edit






Villians Edit



Aliens Used By Ben Edit

Eye Guy

FrankenStrike (Going For Ripjaws)

Transcript Edit

Ben Ahhh Now Albedo's In The Null Void We Can Relax

Zombozo no no

Fright Zombozo Your Sick

Acid Aggred But How

Thumb We Attaqck That Dick Ben 10

Rook Hey Ben My FaCV sHOWS oN

Ben Who Cares

Rook Go Go

Ben Serisley Rook That Show Is For 5 Year Olds

Rook It's The Best

Ben no

Acid What Shall We Do Master

Zombozo Bring That Dick's Fusion Fool Over Too Me

Ben Um Guys Im Not Really In The Mood Huh

Acid Hey uck

Ben Duck Where

Acid You foolish dick

Rook Im Sick Yes I Am

Acid You Fucking Dummys

Ben Funny Ahhh Yes Im Funny

Acid Eongh


Zombozo Lopbozo

Lop Cousion See The World I Need You To Pay Me A Fine

Zombozo RThen Gamre On

Lopbozo Please Sirrer I Need Ur Foolishness To Fool Around

Ben Hey Acid Dick

Acid What

Ben How Abut This

Eye Guy Yes

Acid fool That's The Patheticesst Alien You've Ever Tryed

Eye Guy Really

Thumb Yes


Ben Ugh

Zombozo Back Off Now Ore Il Destroy U

Acid Master Ben's Being

Lopbozo No

Ben Whos?

Acid Zombozo

Zombozoi Yesa

Lopbozo Please Il

FrankenStrike Do What

Zombozo Son Of A....


Lopbozo Thank You Zomdickzo But Now (Absorbs Zombozos Sprirt) I Was Tricking U (leaves)

Acid No

Ben Yeah

The End

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Season 1/2, Episode 64/41
Zombozo Is Back
Air date 19 feb 2014
Written by Charlotte Fullerton

William Fouracres

Directed by Jae Woo Kim
Episode Guide
Shit On Toast
Where Darksters Peaness Comes To Life

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