Plot Edit

Serrator Returns While He Sends Dreamster Down Dreamster Takes Out 4 Rangers Its Up To Mike & Antino To Stop Dreamster

Transcript Edit

Xandrend Octoroo Stop Playing Wth Ur Tentcles

Octoroo No I Must Not

Serrator No Need For This Foolishness

Xandrend Bal Down To My Dick

Serrator (Bals) Yes Il Bal Down To That Sexy Shinny Thing

Xandrend Why r U Hwere

Serrator Dreamster Destroy The World

Jayden Hey Ji Smell My Ass

Ji No U Must Create The Ultra Sabewr For the Ultra Megazord

Jayden Ok

Dreamster Laughs

Ji A Attack

Dreamster Fools

Jayden I'm Here

Dreamster U Fools Will Pay



(The 6 Unmorph)

Dreamster Laughs

Serrator Ahhh Yes Ive Arrived

Jayden Serrator

Serrator Yes Aggred I'm Back (He Retreats)

Ji WHAT Serrator

Jayden Yes

Dreamster We Did Good

Serrator Yes Go Back Down

Jayden Theres Dreamster

Dreamster Yes U Fools

Jayden Ur Going Down Saber


Antino Aggred Super Gold Mode Saber


Dreamster No

Antino Saber Strike


Dreamster No-


Dreamster I'm Back

Jayden Super Megazord

Ji Jayden The Ultra Saber

Jayden Ultra Saber 2x Slash



Dreamsteer U Will Pay-


Jayden Ahhh Much Better

Xandrend Serrator U Failed

Serrator Uh Oh

The End

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Air date 26 March 2012
Written by User:Omyx
Directed by User:Stranger26
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