Plot Edit

Elana Keeps Calling Pepole/Guys/Villians On Her MicoShip Phone And Saying Silly Stupid Stuff

Charcters Edit



Plumbers (Cameo)

Max (Cameo)

Hobble (Cameo)

Magister Paterlerday (Cameo)

Jerry (Cameo)

Villians Edit



Captin Nemiess



Aliens Used By Ben Edit


Nanomeck (2x 2nd Time Going For Ghostfreak)





Transcript Edit

Vulkans Ahhh Yes These Jelwels Are The Perfect Thing I Need For My Plan

Ben I Dont think So Fuckans

Vulkans Tennyson

Rook And me

Vulkans Errr No One Gives A Shit About You

Rook :(




Rook Lol Me Sad

Ben Thats It Drop Your Shit

(Vulkans Poops)

Ben Not That Shit Smartass

(Ben Turns Into Upgrade And Fuses Into Him Vulkans Drops All the Stuff He Stole Meanwhile Someone Is Spying On Ben)

Unknown Villian Laughs Its Time To Get That Time key

(Ben Is alseep Rook Wakes Him Up By Setting A Fire In His Room)


Rook Haha

UKV The Time Key Will Soon Be Mine

Captin Nemiess So Where Is It

UKV Ahhh Yes I Need Elana

Elana Im Here

UKV (Reviles To Be Zurg) Take This Chip Phone And Call Evrey Number Starting From ##########

Elana Yes

Zurg And Then Once You Find The Fat fucker Thats Holding The Time key You Will Get His Location

Elana Yes Sir

Ben Fucking Rook Why Did You Set A fire Off In My Room

Rook Because I Was Hungry

Ben Like Who?

Rook Like The Wolf

Ben Lol So Is Duran Duran

(Ben Suddley Turns Into Nanmeck)

Nanmeck Oh Shit Not This Alien Why Am I Him

Rook I Dont Know

Elana Ugh This Is Taking Forever

Max Hey Someones Calling Us Ello


Max no

Elana Fuck You

Zurg Ugh The Time Key Is On The Esends

Elana Yes Master Zurg

Ben Ok So Now What

Fat man Oh Yes The Time Key

(Elana Rings Him)

Fat man Hello

Elana Wheres The time key Fatty

Fat man Um Ive Got it

Elana I Found It Now Im Going To kill Him

Zurg Slliance

Captin Nemiess Lets Get This Key

Elana No Il Go

Zurg Aggred But If You Fail You Will Suffer Conster Pation

(The fat man Is in The Store)

Elana Hello Fatty Time To Suffer

fat man Oh No

(Elana Blasts Him Then She Takes The Cover Off A Manchine)

Elana Oooooh Sex Manchine

Rojo That Is Not A Sex Manchine

Elana Yeah Whatever man

Rojo Fuck You

Rook This Must Be Elana

Ben Aggred (Turns Into Wildmutt)

Rook Do You Sence Anything

Wildmutt (Dog Noises)

Rook Fine Il Hop On

(Rook Hops On And Rides It Like A Horse)

Wildmutt (More Dog Noises He Turns Back)

Ben Where Here

Rook Wheres The Tears


Def Leappard Pore Some Sur-

Ben Alright Not Now

Def Leppard But We Need Our Surgar

Ben No

Def Leappard Please


Def Leappeard -____________- Were Not Happy

Ben And I dont Care

Rojo Hello Tennysion

Ben Oh Shit

Rook Are u my mummy

Rojo No fuck Off

Ben The Only One Thats Going To fuck Off Is You Hero Time

(Ben Turns Into Swampthrick)

Swampthrick Remember When You Escaped Last Time

Rojo Ahh Yes It Was A Memberal Moment

Swampthrick No It Wasnt

(Rojo Blasts Swampthrick And Tries To Escape Again But Rook shoots Rojo Swampthrick Traps Rojo)

Swampthrick The Plumbers Have Something To Say To You

Rojo Like What My ass Oh Yeah

Swampthrick No Like....My Ass

Rojo Thats What I Just Said

Swampthrick Whatever

Ben Ugh

Elana Hold It Tennyson I Have The Time Key My master Will be Happy The Universe Will Bal Down To His Selfish Cock

Ben Oh No Elana

Elana The Time Keys Mine

Ben I Dont Think So Ghostfreak

(He Turns Into Nanmeck)

Nanomeck Oh No

Elana Fool That Wont Do Anything (Elana Blasts Nanomeck He Turns Back)

Ben Ugh Lets Try That Again Ghostfreak

(He Turns Into Ghostfreak)

Ghostfreak ROAR





(Ghostfreak Turns Back)

Elana And Now

Zurg Your Doomed

Ben Who Are You

Zurg Im Zurg The Brains Behind Evreything Elana The Time Key

Elana Here Master (Elana Gives The Time Key To Zurg)

Zurg Thanks

Rook Ben Who Are These Guys Are you my mummy & daddy are brother

Zurg Fuck Off Were Not

Ben Ive Had It

(Ben Turns Into Lodepire And Shoots A Bat At Zurg But He Crashes It And Shoots Ben He turns back)

Zurg Tennyson Your Doomed And Now You 2 Are Useless To me Now

Elana What I Help You

Captin nemiess You Traitor

Zurg Ahh Yes (He Destroys Them Both)

Ben Your Cold

Zurg I Dont Give A fuck What You call me Tennysion

Ben Really?

Rook Ben We Must Be caufel In This Guys Plans

(Zurg Blasts Rook He falls)

Zurg Dont Worry Tennyson (Unlocks The Time Hole) Once Im Trow With Time You Will Be Exticint

Ben What You Cold Fucker

Zurg Laughs (Goes In The Time Hole)

Ben Oh No

To be Contined.....

Triva Edit

Zurg Betrays Elana & Captin Nemiess In This Ep

Ben Finaly Meets Zurg In This Ep

Zurg Gets The Time Key In This Ep

Ben Was On The Ground When He Dint Get Shot This Was A Erra Due To Bad Writting

Elana Makes A Chip Call
Season 1, Episode 8
The Polchie Group & Zurg Holds The Key In The Ep Elana Makes A Chip Call
Air date 25 March 2017
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Ernief0000
Episode Guide
Azmuths Beard Comes Alive
The Zurg War Part 1

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