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Now Wth The Rangers Tyzonn Does A Favor And Gives Them The ElctroModes The Modes That They Were Seaking The other Day While Kamdor Gets The 2nd Gem

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Tyzonn Guys The Fearcats Stole Vella Off Me

Mack Not Again

Mig Yes Vella Is Historyu

BenjoYes Shes A Slut

Mig Yes She Shall Feast My Sorwad

Flurios My Bro Failed Ther r Now 6 Rangers

Norg The 6th Was Looking For Vella

Flurios U BOODER

Norg Yes Sir

Kamdor Mira U Foolish Warrior

Mira Im Sorry My Leach

Kamdor It Dosent Matter

Mira Yes Sior



Tyzonn Were Here

Norg Power Rangers Destroy em

Tyzonn Silver Strike


Tyzonn Want More

Norg Maybe Nextr Timer Ranger (Retreats)

Norg Master It Was The Mercey Ranger

Flurios Ahhh Yes Him Get Him And Destroy Stop Failing Me

Norg Yes Sir

Tyzonn Norgs Fat

Andrew IKR

Kamdor Mercey Ranger Ur Going Down

Tyzonn Oh Fucking Shit

Kamdor Yes Suck Shit


Tyzonn Ha Im Here

Kamdor As I Said Befor Suck Shit


Tyzonn Ugh

Kamdor Yes Ur Down

Tyzonn Mercey Blade


Kamdor U fool-


Tyzonn Ha

Kamdor Ur..Fucking Crap

Tyzonn Think Again Ninja

Mira Kamdor U ok Back Off Rangers


Miratrix Yes

Tyzonn Oh Mira The bitch

Mira Im Not A Bitch

Tyzonn Oh Yes U r Blade


Mira Ugh

Kamdor Wtf? Ur Weak Mira

Mira I Tryed My best

Kamdor Well Notr Good Eongh Ninja Strrikes

Mack Look Out Newbie




(The 6 Rangers Unmorph)

Mack Ugh

Kamdor Yes History


Tyzonn No Ther Gone Ugh Curses

Moltor What The Mercey Ranger Hes Being Cocky Useless Fool

Flurios Whatts That Brother U Failed To Get the Mercey Ranger On Ur Side Or Whatever

Moltor Shutup

Flurios We'll Get Rid Of The Mercey Ranger The Hard Way Ambush Him

Tyzonn So poop

Andrew Ur Mwercey DNA Was Last Seen In the Woods

Tyzonn Wtf

Spencer We last Heard From u In the Woods

(Tyzonn Is bizzy Listing To [Matchbox 20]

Tyzonn What

Mack Ugh



Norg Mercey Ranger Where r U

Tyzonn Shit

Andrew No Ur Staying here Untill U Can Learn Some Manners

Tyzonn Ugh Fine

Andrew U 5 Go

Mack Overdrive Cycles

Andrwew Yes U Gain Em

Norg Yes What 5 Of U Chillers GET EM




Mack Ugh

Norg Weak

Rose Weak This


Norg Il Weak Whatever I Want

Rose Even This BS

Norg U Pink Slut


Rose Ugh

Tyzonn Thats it Im Going

Andrew No Ur not

Tyzonn Fine Ive Learnt My lessen Now Can We Get rid of this BS

Andrew FINE

Tyzonn Cycle Armmor Yay

(Rides Off)

Norg Blast Em Into Space Crap




Tyzonn No Hey U Poza

Norg Mercey Ranger Just The One I Wanty Get THAT SILVER FUCK

Tyzonn Oh No Merceyu lasters

Norg Nigga




Tyzonn :P

Flurios WEAK

Norg Il Retreat And Be Back Another Day

Tyzonn Yea Run U Corwad

Kamdor Ugh That Mercey Ranger Hes Tough As Fuck And Yes Heres The 2nd Dino Gem (Gets The 2nd Dino Gem Piks It Up)

Mira Yea And Ur Weak

Kamdor (Pulls Blade Torwads Mira) U Will Find Out How Weak OI Am When I Shatter Ur Head Off If We Get Rid Of Him We Get Rid Of the others

The End

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Air date 12 August 2007
Written by User:OmniDragon10/User:Death88
Directed by User:Brianultimatedragon/User:Dreammaker 34
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Tyzonn Returns
A Redemation Of Tyzonn

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