Plot Edit

The rangers Try To Look For Tommy While End Up Fighting The Blaze Warrior Kim Finds Him & Brings Him Back Wtrh Him Joinng The rangers To Fight Blaze Warrior

Triva Edit

Tommy Starts To Loose His Powers Starting From This Ep

Transcript Edit

Prevley On MMPR Ernief

Tommy Its Time To Go- Ugh Rita

Rita Face My Wrath


Tommy Green Power

(tommy Fights Rita ut Rita Shoots Tommy)

Rita fool U Cant Defewat An Empress (Kiddnapps Him)

BW I Did Good Rita They Are Defeated

Rita Yes U Did And The 6th Ranger Is Doomed

And Now

Tommy Ugh hy U Defeated Me & The Rangers

BW Ur Next If u Keep It Up

(at cc)

Jason Blaze Warrior Is Tough

Zordon I Think Its Time For A Upgrade

Jason What

Zordon Yes Since A New Ranger Ive Been Making This Shit

Kim Im Going To Find Tommy

(Kim Leaves)

Zoirdon Kim No

Jason Us 4 Will Finsh Blaze Lets Go

BW Boo This City Will Fall

Jason No Lutter Storm

BW Wtf

Jason Lutter Strie


BW No-

Tommy Ha Ya


Rita U Fool

Tommy The Crystel


Tommy Think Again (breaks It the crystel)


Kim Hey Rita

Rita Oh Shit


Kim Lets Go Help The Other Rangers

Jason Ha


Blaze My Energey

Tommy Were Here

Blaze Uh Oh

Tommy Saber Strike

Jason & team FinaL strike


Rita So Babbon & Sqatt Its Ur Fault This Time Ive Had Eongh

Goldar Do It Urself U Blooby Bitch

Roita Fucking Fine I Will

Zordon Tommy Ive Got Bad News

Tommy What Is It

Zordon ur powers are fateing away slowelee Soon The Green Rangers Powers Will Be No More

The End

Energey Escaped
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date 1 May 1994
Written by Judd Lynn

William Fouracres User:Ernief0000

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Energey Impressed
Ritas Attack

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