Plot Edit

Rita Kiddnapps The Green Ranger On Valtines Day When He & Kim Were Going To Go On A Date Hes Energey Is Used For The Blaze Warrior

Transcript Edit

Goldar No Rita Is A fool

Finster Um Goldar Are U Plotting Aginst Empress

Goldar Oh No My Friend Im Not

Rita Ugh Failed Again That Stomp Warrior Was A Peace Of Shit

Babbon Yes But

Rita U 2 Fuck Off Ur Useless

Zordon Tommy Yes Its time That U Finaly

Tommy Finaly What

Zordon weve Been Working On Ur New Dragon Megazord But It Needs More Power

Rita Power Of Corse We'll Drain Tommys Energey Its Time To say Goodbye To The Green Ranger

Tommy Its Time To Go- Ugh Rita

Rita Face My Wrath


Tommy Green Power

(tommy Fights Rita ut Rita Shoots Tommy)

Rita fool U Cant Defewat An Empress (Kiddnapps Him)

Tommy Ugh No

Rita Foolish Human U Are So Pathetic Soon My Warrior Will Be Restored

Tommy What Warrior

Rita The Blaze Warrior

Tommy Ugh Let Me Go

Rita Never Sugger Gegger Gess


Tommy Huh His Coming

Blaze Warrior I Am The Blaze Warrior

Rita Good Destroy The Power Rangers

BW Yes As U Wish

Goildar Ive Had Eongh Of Dickheads Like Rita

Trini Hey Guys U Seen Tommy

Jason No Not Since I Got Out Of Detion The Other Day Zordon H-

Zordon Yes He Left


BW Fools Time To Destroy The Earth

Jason Its A Attack Its Morphin Time

BW Ahhh Rangers

Jason Saber Striker


Blaze Saber Smash


Billy Ugh Final Cannon

BW This Is The Bit Stuff


BW Back At U


(the 5 Unmorph)

BW See How It Feels Like When Ur Gettiung The Bashing

Jason No We Dont Its Morphin Time

Putty 1 Lets Attack Them

Rita Ugh They Wont Quit And Weve Got Ther 6th Ranger

Tommy ugh (contines to loose his powers)

Jason Zordon Call Tommy

Blaze U Miss Ur Green Ranger


(the 5 Unmorph)

Blaze Warrior Ur All Fools

Jason No Ugh

(Back At CC)

Jason That Blaze Warrior Was Strong

Zordon Weve Located Tommy Hes Captured By Rita

Jason We Have To Rescue Him

Zordon Dont be foolish Jason The Blaze Warrior Has His Energey

Jason Oh Fork

Kim Lets Go Its Morphin Toime

BW Im Back

Jason Reddy Guys

BW Reddy For Round 3

Jason Saber Strike


Kim Final Cannon


Blaze Yum U Fools

Jason Uh Oh

BW Yes Destroction


(the 5 Unmorph Again)

BW I Did Good Rita They Are Defeated

Rita Yes U Did And The 6th Ranger Is Doomed

To Be Contined.....

Triva Edit

Tommy Had A Erra At The Command Center

Zordon Should Of Know That Jason Had The Blazes Cordless Wires But The Writters Had Forget Abut That

Energey Impressed
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date 20 April 1994
Written by User:Westen Guy (as Westen)

User:Summer Time 45 (as Summer) User:Socking Is Fun :P (as :P)

Directed by Peter Salmon
Episode Guide
The Death Of Doom
Energey Escaped

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