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Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 20/4/2013
Written by User: InterspaceMaster
Directed by User: InterspaceMaster
Episode Guide
Escape From The Earth Part 2


The Fire-using teen tries to escape from his rocky prison. Can he escape?


In his rocky prison, Kai breathed fire to keep himself warm. The Sombre Hat Man laid a cup of water on the floor, and laughed as Kai failed to reach it.

(Sombre Hat Man): Do you know what nation you are in currently?

(Kai): A nation where weirdos live.

The Sombre Hat Man stomped his foot, and the place where his foot landed created a small quake and the cup rode along the waves to Kai, who caught it and drank from it.

(Sombre Hat Man): Correction! You are in the Earth Nation!

Kai tried using a fire move to blast the man away, but the water had weakened his powers somehow. Kai raged at the man. For all we know, if a Fire User rages, fire explodes in a circle around him, no matter what the circumstances. The explosions destroyed the rocky prison, and the sombre hat man created an earth shield to protect himself from the fire. Kai kicked the sombre hat man in the chest, and ran out of his cell.


Character Debuts/Elemental Move DebutsEdit



Sombre Hat Man

Element Moves/HeroesEdit

Foot Quake


Earth Shield

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