Plot Edit

As The 2 Red Rangers Fight Deker They Finsh Him Xandrend Approaches Earth After Breaking The Rocks Of Spoil

Transcript Edit

Deker Fight Me

Lauren Lets Go

(Deker Slashs Lauren Jayden Charges Up Using Arki Mode But Is Wacked Jayden Goes Super Red Mode But Deker Slashs Him)

Deker Fiools Its Time Ultimate Deker

UD Fucktarts


(Fires All Over The Place)

Lauren Together

UD Soon I Will Rule Hummanity

Lauren Saber Striker


Deker Ugh Retart

Lauren Now Ur Days Are Over

Deker Fools

Jayden No Ur The Fool For Fucking Around With The Power Rangers Super Arki Mode Arki Strike


Deker No-


Octoroo Scugger Gegger Gess YA


Xandrend YES YES YES

Octoroo Yes His Returinng

Dayu Ahhh Humanity

Xandrend Yes Dayu

Dayu Master You've Returned

Xandrend U fool Dayu I Am The Master Of The Neverworld Give Up Or Il Make U Give Up

Dayu No Please

(Xandrend Shoots Dayu She Dies)

Xandrend Samurai Fools

Jayden Were All Here

Xandrend Prepper For Ur Destroction

To Be Contined....

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Air date 7 November 2012
Written by User:Ben10fan3
Directed by User:Stranger26
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Samurai Duel
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