Plot Edit

Aisha Begins Hewr Quest While The The Rangers Put The 4 Crystels Together And Wait For Aisha To Return Wth The Yellow Crystel She Meats Tanya & A Old Grandma

Transcript Edit

Aisha Where Am I


Tanya Ha

Aisha Who The Fuck Are U

Tanya Wtf

Vile Ugh My Warriors Have All Ru Out No Impossable Goldar U Fool

Goldar Master I Have A Plan If We Steal The Zeo Crystel From The Rangers We'll Be Able To Rule The Earth

Vile NEVER YOU FAILED- Wait Yes We'll Do That This Is Ur Last Chance

Tommy 4 Crystels 1 To Go Then Were Back

Delphane Ugh My Fight Wth Goldar

Goldar White Ranger 1 Last Battle

Delphane Yes Lets Go

Vile Fools Now To Telport Myself Out Of Here

Delphane Ya


Goldar Ahhh Look A Bird

Delphane Guys Join In

Arucio Ha


Goldar Wat How


Delphane Vile

Vile Yes Hello Hello & Hello BUT GOODBYE SUCKETRS




(The 5 Unmorph)

Vile Ur Doomed To Ur End

Delphane His Just Too Powerful

Aisha Were Are We Going

Tanya Um

Old Grandma Yes Im Afrid That Im Going To Kiddnapp You Bitch

Zordon Rangers Wat Happend

Delphane Vile His Too Powerful

Tommy Aggred

Vile Goldar Oiur Victory Was Easer Than I Thought It Was Just Foolish Now We'll Strike The Rangers Base MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

tO Be Contined......

Eye Of The Sparro
Season 3, Episode 75
Air date 9 Feb 1996
Written by William Fouracres

Judd Lynn

Directed by User:Sci100
Episode Guide
A Force From The Place
Jorneys End (Ernief

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