Plot Edit

The Fearcats Return And r Hunting The 1st Gem of Arrorr Moltor Attacks Some Gards And Gets The Crown

Transcript Edit

Andrew (Sleeping)


Andrew (Wakes Up) The Fearcats

(In A Subway Room) (Train Staion)

Mig Them fools Have Given me The Shits I Shall Smash Ther Skulls To Bits

Benjo What Abut Flurios

Mig Flurios is a fool

Benjo He'll Get In The Way Of Our Plans

Mig Oh No He Wont

Andrew Guys Come The Fearcats r Back

Mack Wtf


Mack Oh Thats A Show


Flurios Norg Them Fearcats r Back Destroy Them

Norg Um What Abut Ep 28

Flurios Yes Thats When Huh

Man The Crown Has Been Found

Flurios Get Ur Gear Reddy Norg Were Going After That Crown

Gard 2 Its Locked Up

Moltor No Now Its Not

Gard 2 Shit

Moltor Feast Myu Blade


Moltor Yes The Crown Its Mine at Long Last Now Give Me The Path To Them Gems


Moltor Its a Curse Curses

Flurios Ha My Foolish Brother Has Been Tricked

Mack So N9ow What

Mig Yes Were Her4e

Mack A Attack Were Here

Mig Power Rangers Weak As Fuck

Ronny We'll Show U Whos Weak


Mig Just As I Thought Pathetic

Ronny Ugh Ther Too Powerful

Mig Yes Now We'll Be Going

Ronny No

Andrew Wow Oh Shit

Mack We Were Getting Bashed Up

Andrew Whatever

Spencer Mig Is Poiwerful Than The Last Time We Met Him

Mack Yea

Mig That Mercey Ranger Was A Twit We'll Track The Frist Gem And Destroy The Rangers

The End

Triva Edit

The Mercey Ranger (Tyzonn) Is Menched In This Ep Frist Ep That Hes Menched

{{{Series Name}}}
Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 10 March 2007
Written by User:UltiVerse/User:Ude William/User:Death88
Directed by User:Ghosthant 54
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