Plot Edit

Tommy Finds A Old Man That Wants Him To Look For His Brother But Also Knows The Location Of The Red Zeo Crystel

Fighting For A Crystel
Season 3, Episode 70
Sam Truehearts Bullcrap
Air date 30 Jan 1996
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by User:Ghosthant 54
Episode Guide
Yorking The Dork
Crystel Energey


Tommy Huh Where am i

Old Man Fool

Tommy Who are U

Old Man Idiot

Tommy kk Whatever

Old Man Shut The Fuck Up Bitch

Tommy Aggred BUT U SHUT UP

Goldar Master I Have A Plan To Make The Alien Rangers Tired

Vile Stupid Fucking Plan

Goldar But

Vile NO

Goldar Yes Of Corse

Vile Weed Warrior

Weed Warrior Yes Master

Vile Destroy The Power Rangers

Weed Warrior Yes At Once

Cestro So where r The Rangers

Zotrdon Ther Going To Get The Zeo Crystel To Restore Themselfs

Cestro Oh

Goldar So Viles Plan Takes Over Mine fool

Cestro Goldars There

Delphane White Power

Goldar White Alien Ranger


Delphane Bitch

Goldar Ur going to pay Vile Now

WW Yes Goodtrap Over The Alien Fucks

Goldar Yes Now il Slice Whitre Ranger

Delphane Gasp

Goldar Times Up White Ranger

Zordon Rangers Use the cannon To Destroy WW

Delphane Ha Cannon


Old Man No Tommy

Tommy Shutup Old Poot

Old Man No Tommy Dont e Foolish

Tommy But

Old Man Cus I Am Sam Trueheart And I Have The Red Zeo Crystel That Can Cure U MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

WW U Rangers r Weak Where r The Others

Cestro Here


Goldar Vile....Help


Goldar Yes Now Il Escape

Cestro White Strike


wEED wArrior Ahhhh Trapped In Ur Pathetic Megazord

Delphane Vile Cutter Vile Saber Vile Strike


Goldar Ur plan Failed

Vile No It Hasnet

Tommy Give It

Sam No m8

Tommy Ya


Tommy Finaly The Zeo Crystel Is Mine


Tommy im back

Zordon Baby Tommy

To Be Contined.....

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