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Contineing On From the previous ep The Batlings Come In The Lightspeed Rescue Place And They Destroy The Stuff Mitchell & The Rangers (Minuns Carter & Ryan) Who Have Gone To Stop Diablocciol Stand Up To Ther Best To Stop The Batlings From Taking Over Lightspeed Rescue

Transcript Edit

Prevley On PRLR (ernief)

(Meanwhile In The Opps The Batlings Come In From The Card And They Slash The Screen)

And Now

Mitchell This Is Going Nowhere

Ryan IKR

Mitchell Casrter Ruyan U Guys Gotta Go UIn The Demon Plance

Ryan Aggred

Dana y

Mitchell Wanna Fuck U Slut

Dana No Thanks

Mitchell Go

Ryan Aggred Common

(Tuhe Batlings Slash The Power)

(Lights turn Off)

Mitchell Wtf

DanaThe Powers Um Father

Mitchell Wat

Dana Look

Mitchell Holly Fucking Shit

Dana Aggred

Mitchell U 4 U Think U Can Take This Bullshit

Dana Yes Lightspeed Power

(The Batlings Get In The Megazords And Drive It Fire The Milles Into Shit And Yea)

Mitchell Shit There


Dana Huh Look Its Starting To Flood

Kelsey Cos The Seas In There And Yea

Mitchell Rangers


Dia Yes My Plans Going Good The Card Has Brought The Batlings Together

Ryan Thewr Crazy Shit

Carter Wtf r The Batlings Doing

Jinxer Soon They Will Take Over Lightspeed Rescue Of Them Coming thought the card On The Megazord

Carter & Ryan Gasp

Loki Wat Fools They r

Carter Shit The Batlings r Destroying Our Base

Ryan Uh Oh Dad-


Dia Ahhh Yes 2 Rangers

Ryan Lightspeed Power

Carter Now We'll Shut U Up

Dia Fools

Mitchell Raners Quick




Dana Oh No This Is Just Bad

Joel Star Wars Episode 8 Seen It


Chad And.....Were Nearly Gone

Mitchell Aggred

Joel Batling Cannon


Mitchell Oh Good Mr Moron Look Weve Got A Hole In My Fucking Glass

Joel I Have A Plan

Mitchell Go Fuck Urself

Joel Fuck? No Way

Dana The Water Is On Our Feat

Mitchell Yea Cos Of Mr Idiot Here

Ryan Ugh

Loki Il Despose Of Him

Carter Blaster


Ryan Lets Go

Dia U Fool

(Ryan & Carter Run Yep To A Dead End)

Ryan Shit Were Stuck

Carter Oh No Were Not


(They Look Down There And Down There Is Yea Shit)

Carter Oh Shit

To Be Contined....

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 23 November 2000
Written by User:Retro Day

User:Migster7 User:Candy Give Me It User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Planet awesome
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The Freze Plan
Final Allsault Part 2

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