Plot Edit

Tommy Rocky & Adam Are Shot By Goldars Latest Warrior Who Destracks The Rangers While Scorpina & Goldar Work On A New Device

Transcript Edit

LZ Ahhh Yes I Have A Plan

Goldar Lord Zedd Let Me Destroy The Rangers

LZ Fine If U Fail U Will Suffer

Scorpina Goldar Are U Finshed Wth Zedd

Goldar Yes His A fool He Dosnt Know Who Hes Messing Wth Well I Have Plans For Him

Scorpina Yes

Goldar Finster Have U Done Ur Thing

Finster Yes The Warrior Is Here

Goldar Ahhh

Jelles ImHere To Serve U

Goldar Shoot The 6 Rangers Then Thry Be Powerless MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

tOMMY Zordon So Why Did U Call Me Here

Zordon Ur Morphers Cracked

Tommy Wtf

Zordon IKR After We Defeated Rita She Shot U It Got In Ur Morpher U Miust Destroy Fix It I Mean

Tommy Yes White Power


Tommy Huh No Ugh

Alpha 5 Tommys Powers Are Not Going To Last Much Longer

Zordon IKR We Must Not Let Them Ugh

Jellies Ahhh Rangers

Rocky Shinng Mode

Jellies Fool


Aisha Ur Going Down

Adam Yeah

Jellies Ha



Jellies 2 Down 3 To Go Even Tommys Powers Are Weak And Now Its Time To Die

Zedd Ahhh Good Job Now Get The Rest

Scorpina So Wat Do We Do

Goldar We'll Use This On Zedd

Jellies Having Some Fun In The City

Rocky Final Cannon

Jellies Uh Oh


Scorpina Rangers

Rocky Scorpina

Scorpina Lovley To See U Again NOT This Time U Shall Fall

Jellies Ha No

Scorpina U Fool Goldar Now


Goldar Yes Foiled Zedds Plan

Scorpina Im Outta Here

(Scorpina Leaves)

LZ Wat Goldar Betrayed Me Make My Warrior Grow

Jewllies Goldar Now Ur Going To Pay Goldar Its Time

Rocky Spring Megazord

Zordpn Use The Spring Saber

Rocy Spring Saber

Jellies Spring Destroy

Rocky Final Slash


Jellies Im On A Highway To Hell-


Zordon Goodjob Rangers U Defeayted Zedds Pack Once Again

Rocky All Thanks To Our Teamwork

The End

Floor For The Four
Season 2, Episode 41
Air date 2 June 1995
Written by Jeff Deckman &

Ronnie Sperling and Stewart St. John

Directed by Mike Smith
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Two For One
Hideaway (Episode)

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