As A Final Attack Goldar Gets All The Puttys To Attack But The Rangers Defeat Them And Defeat Goldar He Retreats And Finds Out Master Vile Returns Wth Rito (Ritas Brother) Vile Punichs Goldar For His Fail (wth both rita & zedd) Scorpina & Finster Hide And They Promess Ther Serves For Vile

Transcript Edit

Tommy Ugh These Puttys Are Ugh

Rocky IKR Hey U Want More

Goldar Ahhh Rangers

Tommy His Mine

Goldar Ha


Aisha Weve Gotta Stop This

Tommy Ha


Goldar I Failed

Vile Good Cuz Im Back

Goldar Vile Im

Vile Ahhh The Warrior That Failed Wth Zedd & Rita U Fool

Rito Lets Finsh This

Scorpina We Promes Our Loyltee To U

Finster Aggred

Vile Very Well But Goldar GET OUT

The End

Fortress Of The Master
Season 2, Episode 46
Air date 21 July 1995
Written by User:Path66


Directed by User:Pillowcokie
Episode Guide
Tommys Dream
The Masters Leaddership

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