Plot Edit

Frax Betrays Ransik And Hides From Him While Eric Faces A Kid That was a idiot to Him When Eric Was In 3rd Grade

Transcript Edit

Frax That Useless Fool Ransik Will Die I Need A plan

Ransik FRAX

Frax Yes Master

Ransik Since Glutos Defeat U Will Destroy The Rasngers

Frax Noi




Ransik Ha

Frax Im Dr Fercts Il Nv Work For A Mutan Like U

Ransik U FOOL

Eric Um So I Have To Work Wth u

Wes Yes We Defeated Gluto Thatr Waty

Kid Ha U punk Fight me

Eric Hang on guys

Kid wtf do u Want

Eric Go away Faggot

Kid no Im Not Going away and im not a faggot

Ransik Yes That Warrior We Need A Plan

Nadira That Warrior?

Ransik STFU

Nadira Smoker

Smoker Yes Nadira At Ur Serves (He Smokes Breths over Nadira

Nadira Yuck Destroy The Rangers

Jen So Wtf Is this Shit Abut

Kid u fool i will Smash IUr Skull

Frax Ransik is a fool

Smoker IKR And so is his bratty Daughter Nadira

Frax Destroy The Rangers

Smoker YesAggred

Jen A Attack

Eric IHave No Time for this Kid

Kid fine then piss off

Smoker This Planet Is So Pathetoic

Eric U

Smoker Qautem Ranger

Eric Qautem Cannon

Wes Eric Commbind



Smoker Ha Not Even A Screth

Eric Then This Will Give U One


Frax that Moron Ransik Is Shitting me

Eric Ha Qautem Sprer


Smoker Ugh

Kid u fools r rangers wtf

Eric Duck


(Kid is hurt Ransik Comes and kills the kid)

Eric Finaly He Was Shitting me

Jen But Hes A Human Being

Eric no he was A Spy Sent By Gluto When i was in 3rd grade

Jen kk

Wes Common Guys Commbind


Smoker No.....

Ransik Nadira The Flodge Power

Nadira Whatever Flodge Power

Smoker Yes

Wes Chrno Megazord U Sure Abut Yes

Smoker Ha


Eric Qautem Megazord Duck Wes


Smoker Ugh History-


Ransik U lazy Shit U Have Evreything On The ground like nail ploshie And Feathers Where The Fuck r U TGetting Tis Shit Off

Nadira Shopping :P

Ransik Well Im taking it bak U bratt

Nadira Fuck U Father

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 14 October 2001
Written by User:Returned 16

User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Ultimate Ninja12
Episode Guide
Gluto's Punichmeant
The Armmor Of Elctro

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