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Rammer And Batrang Are Sent By Snapper The Crystel Eyes Atre Found By Dai Shi Dai Shi Sends Whiger Down To Destroy The Red Ranger

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Air date 15 December 2008
Written by User:As I Return/User:Death88
Directed by User:Retro IIII (Retro Strikes Back)
Episode Guide
Phones Of The Phantom
The Phantom Ambush


Scroch Dai Shi Finn Knows Where The 3rd Weapon Is We'll Ambush Him And He'll Realse Where The Weapon Is And We'll Get It Befor The Rangers

Jarrad/Dai Shi No He'll Tell The Rangers And They Will Get It

Scorch But We'll Escape

Jarrad/Dai Shi I SAID NO

Scorch Fine

Casey Finn Wheres Finn

RJ IDK Lets Go Find Him

Finn Scorch y Do U Ugh Want The 3rd Weapon

Scorch U Know y Now Shut It

Snapper Ugh Dai Shi Whatts The Warrior Of The Day 

Jarrad/Dai Shi y

Snapper Becos The Crystel Eyues Have Been Found

Jarrad/Dai Shi Very Well Send A Warrior

snapper Ok Batrag Rammer Go

Rammer Yes

Finn Ugh Face Me

Scorch Ok I Was Waiting Till U Had The 3rd Weapon Then Id Face U But Since U Asked Il Just Destroy U

Finn RAnger Fortm Saber

Scorch U Fool


Finn Ur The Fool U Want The 3rd Weapon

Scorch Yes I DoC

Casey Finn

Scorch Whiger Come

Whiger Oh Yes Im Back Finaly U Fools Will Feel My Wrath Saber


(The Red Ranger Falls)

Casey Ugh

Whiger Silly Human

Scorch Now Where Is That 3rd Weapon

Casey We'll Never Tell U

Whiger Stay Outta Ur Mentors Fathers Bussness

Casey Ha Saber


Whiger Ugh....No-


Casey His Trow

Whiger Not Exacltey I Surrvived And Now U Wont 


(The 2 Unmorph)

RJ Fuck My Peeps Need Help

Theo We Need To Find That 3rd Weapon 1st

RJ Aggred Dommnick Go After The 3rd Weapon

Dommnick Yes Sir

Casey Ugh U Guys Again Where r We

Scorch U r In The Volcannon Of Doom

Casey -____- Really U Nammed It That

Whiger Quiet Fool Or U'lle Deal Wth Me

Casey Whatever

Whiger Now Ur Going To Give Us The 3rd Weapon Or Fall Ur Going To Get That Weapon Or Fall

Theo Ha Saber


Scorch Blue Ranger

RJ U 2

Batrag What

Rammer Ur Mine Slash


(RJ Unmorphs)

Dommnick Yes Its Here

(Dommnick Slashs The thing)

Dommnick Ya (He Gets The 3rd Weapon)

RJ Ugh

Batrag Ur Weak (Pulls RJ) Now Take This


Rammer and This


Dommnick Hey U Skums

Rammer Who Do U Think Ur Tallking 2

Dommnick White Power 3rd Weapon

Rammer Hes Got It Stop Him

Dommnick Fuck Yea Strike


Rammer Ugh....No U Fool (Escapes)

Dommnick Fiuck Least We Destroyed 1

Scorch Blue Ranger Ur Dead

Lilly U Strike Both Weapons


Scorch Ugh-


Lilly History

Whiger Not Yet

Casey Ya Free Finn Ya Go

Lilly Cannon


Whiger Ugh..Thatrs Weak Aginst Me To Defeat Me U Musty Have All 3 Of Em

Dommnick Wth Pluser

Whiger What

Dommnick Commbo Strike


Whiger y-


Scorch No Whigers Gone I Must Go

(In The Ruble Someone Comes Out And Its Whiger)

Whiger That Red Ranger Will Pay

Finn Guys Theres 2 More To Go Then weve Fotrmed The Weapon

Casey Yea And

Snapper U Failed Meet Something Called Fate

Rammer Uh Oh




Snapper Now The Rangers r Mine

The End

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