Plot Edit

aisha Kim & Tommy Arent Acting Themselfs Latley Of Zedds Latest Warrior Going Into Ther Bodys

Transcript Edit

LZ Scorpina Turn The TV On

Scorpina Yes At Ur Command

Man Yes The Weather

LZ Fuck The Weather

LZ Soloman

Solo Im Here

LZ Go Into The Rangers Bodys And Destroy The Others

Solo Yes Hahahaha Ther All Mine

Tommy We Need To Defeat zedd

Rocky Aggred But

Aisha A Attack

Solo Ahhh Ther History

Rocky No


Solo Take This




Solo So Long Suckers

Tommy Hum

Tommy Hey M8 Fuck Off

Rocky Why

Tommy Cuz I Said So

Rocky -______- y


Aisha Yeah

Kim Wat He Said

LZ U Failed U Fool

Solo No 3 Rangers Are Acting Bad

LZ Fine Get The Other 3 Or Ur History

Solo Yes Master

Rocky Wat Is Wrong Wth Them

Zordon Solo Got Them Bewfor U Must Destroy The Warrior Meanwhile Billy U Must Go On A Quest For The Doomatron Megazord

Billy Whats That

Zordon Yrs Ago Doomatron Was Invented We Used It To Destroy Ritas Forces It Was Know As The Oringol Megazord

Billy Season 1?

Zordon YUS

Billy That Wont Work Aginst Zedds Forces We Had To Get New Zords

Zordon Oh Yes I Mean Its A Voyager Like The One That The Space Rangers Used

Billy kk Blue Power

Solo Im Back

Adam Ha Lets Go

Rocky Ur Finshed

Solo Not For Long

Rocky Final Cannon


Solo These Are So Pathetic


(The 2 Unmorph)

Solo 2 Rangers Down Say Good Bye

Solo Ahhh 2 Rangers Down And Soon Be Oyut


Solo Wat

Billy Ha Shinng Ultra Mode

Solo Ahhh Give Me A Break

Billy Final Ultra Cannon

Solo Oh No


Solo Laughs Rangers.........Ur Mine


LZ Yes Grow Big

Solo Hahaha

Tommy Were Here

Rocky Spring Megazord Spring Ticket

Solo Spring Destroy


Rocky Ugh How Are We Suppses To Defeat Him

Solo U Cant So Say Goodbye

Tommy White Tigerzord White Blast


Solo U worthless Ass


(The Megazords Fall Down)

Rocky Lets Commbind

Solo Wat

Tommy White Tigerzord Spring Megazord

Solo Ahhh Help

Tommy Help This


Solo I Cant Belive That Im Being Defeated By These Rangers-


Goldar Lord Zedd Wat Was That

LZ U Get The Warrior This Time

Goldar Yes Thank U Get Reddy Rangers Im After U

The End

Friend Or Foe
Season 2, Episode 34
Air date 15 april 1995
Written by Judd Lynn

William Fouracres

Directed by User:Pillowcokie
Episode Guide
A Hideaway For The New Friends
Goldars Turn

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