Plot Edit

Beamster Sends The Essents Warrior To Suck Up The Rangers Essents He Sucks Up 4 Rangers Leaving It Up To Jim & Calvin Savro Makes A New Weapon That Will Destroy The Warrior

Triva Edit

Lorexx Is Frist Menched In This Episode

Transcript Edit

(On The Earth)

Beamster Them Traitors Will Pay Essents Warrior

Essents Warrior Yes Hello Beamster

Beamster Destroy The Rangers Suck Ther Essents Up

Essents Warrior With Pluser

(In The Base)

Savro Rangers I Have Some Good News Im Creating A Weapon That Will Help Us With Flungos Warriors

Brad Yes And Ometra

Savro Yes

(Essents Warrior Starts Sucking Up Humans Essents)

Savro Rangers A Attack

Brad Lets Do This

(The 6 Run To The Area)

Jim Who Are You

Essents Warrior Im None Of Your Bussness


(The 6 Morph)

Jim That Warriors Mine You Handle The Roxys

Beamster Its All Going Acording To Plan The Rangers Will Fall

Jim Ha Essents Warrior Your Going Down Gold Hostige Sorwad


EW Ugh.....Curse You

Calvin These Roxys Are Strong



Roxy 2 Lets Depose Of These Fools Roxy Cannon

Brad Uh Oh Ther Going To Use The Roxy cannon

Roxy 1 Fire



(The 6 Unmorph)

Essents Warrior Rangers Take This





(The 6 Then Are Telported By Savro)

EW Ugh Corwads Least I Got 4

(In The Fortress)

EW Hello Flungo

Flungo Who Are You I Dint Send You

EW No Beamster Did

Flungo Well Get Him I Want Him Back

EW No But I Need More Power If Im To Handle The Power Rangers

Flungo You Took Out 4 Fine Souler Get Him More Power

Souler Yes Flungo

Flungo We'll See How These Rangers Cope With This New Power

(In The Base)

Savro You 2 Can Work On The Weapon While I Cure These Guys

Jim Ok Lets Do It

EW Laughs Look Out Rangers Your End Is Near

Jim Ok Its Done

Savro Good Roponic Its Time To Do This Thing

Roponic Yes Some Of My Power Will Compleate It

(Roponic Shoots The Cannon And Its Reddy)

Savro Rangers His Back

(The 2 Run Out)

Jim There He Is

Beamster Hello Gold Ranger Remember

Jim Remember What This Gold Hostige Power

Calvin Green Hostige Power

Beamster Roxys Get em

Jim Ok Lets Try This New Saber That Savro Secretley Made Cent Saber



Jim Aww Yeah

EW You Fools



(The 2 Unmorph)

EW Goodbye

Jim No You Goodbye (Blasts The Belt On Him And The Essents Return Back To The 4 Rangers)

Brad What Just Happend

Savro Dont Worry About It Right Now You Have Work To Do

(In The City)

EW Ugh You Foiled My Plan



Brad Ha

Jim Wow You Arrived Quick

Brad Yeah Rangers Lets Show This Fool What Were Made Off

George Yes Aggred

Beamster On 2nd Thought You Take Over (Retreats)

EW Corwad I Am The Strongest Warrior Ever



Brad George Hayley & Ashley Hostige Power

EW What

Brad George Calvin Hayley & Ashley With Jim R.O.P Mode

Brad Red Hostige Battleizer Red Flight Mode



EW No.....Il Destroy You

Jim Hostige Rop Cannon Fire



Flungo Ugh That Was A Weak Plan Growth Power

EW Laughs Im Big Now Rangers

Brad Ok Guys Lets Teach This Fool To Have Some Manners R.O.P Megazord

Savro Rangers You Can Go All Sorts Of Modes On That Megazord

Brad Cool Blast Mode




EW Ugh....No

Jim Flight Blast Mode




George Guys Ive Got Some Mannels To Do The Ultra Hostige Blast

Brad Cool Lets Do It

EW No....Im Sorry Beamster

Brad Ultra Hostige Blast





EW No-


Jim Victory Is Ours

(On The Earth)

Beamster Ugh That Plan Was Pathetic If Lorexx Saw Me More Powerful Than That Idiot Flungo Then I'd Get All The Glory Wait Of Corse We'll Call Lorexx He'll Come Down And Punish Flungo Look Out Flungo Your Dead

(In The Base)

Jim That Cannon Was Actley A Blaster

Savro Wtf

Jim That Helped Me Get The Essents Back

Savro Um Whatever

The End

Frozen Essents
Season 1, Episode 17
Frozen Essents
Air date 14 April 2017
Written by Jill Donnellan & William Fouracres
Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Battleizer Power
Technoalgey Attack (Part 1)

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