Plot Edit

Jason Is Shot By Goldars Latest Warrior Witch Gives Jason The Fear OfSpiders Goldars Warrior Shoots Evreyone Expect Trini Who Must Stop The Watrrior Befor More Bad Things Happen

Transcript Edit

Goldar I Have A Plan

LZ What Is It

Goldar Fearster

Fearster Yes Im Here

Goldar This Warrior Will Make The Rangers Full Of Fear

LZ Go And If U Fail Its 4 Days Of Piunichmeant

Zordon Rangers Its Time For A Day Off

Tommy Oh Right

Kim Lets Go On A Date

Tommy Fine

Fearster Ther Mine

Jason Ya Ya Ya

Billy You Are Practising Too Much

Jason Yeah ikr

Trini Zordon Said A Day Off

Jason Just Shutup

Zack Dood Calm Down

Jason Ugh (leaves The JB But Fearster Sucks His Fear Up)

Fearster Time For Some More

Tommy Ahhh Look Its Nice

Fearster Not For Long (sucks Tommy & Kim fear Up) Now I'l Leave Em Wth Fear

LZ Goodjob Goldar Now 3 Rangers To Go Then The Worlds Mine

Trini Ya Ya Ya

Zack -_______- Rlly

Billy Um So Now Wat

Fearster Ahhh Yes There In There (gets zak & billy And Tries To Get Trini But She Doges It)

Trini Huh (she goes outside) U

Fearster My Plan

Trini Yeah All Over

Fearster Not For Long Get Her Puttys

Trini Yellow Power

Fearster Fool Ur Yellow Tricks Are Pathetic


(trini unmorphs)

Fearster Now Ur History

Fearster Bye Bye Yellow Ranger

Trini No


Fearster Ugh No

Tommy Ha

Fearster Wat Impossable

Tommy White Saber Slash


Fearster No Ur Dead-


LZ Goldar U Fool

Fearster Im Back & Bigger Than Ever

Tommy White Tigerzord

Fearster No


Tommy White Tigermegazord

Fearster impossable One Little Weak Zord


Tommy Tiger Slash


Fearster Impossable Ur Victory-


Goldar Uh Oh Ur Mad

LZ Yes We Could Of Won But Your Warrior Dint Get The Yellow Ranger

Goldar Please


Goldar Yes Fool

The End

Full Of Fear
Season 2, Episode 30
Air date 1 March 1995
Written by Judd Lynn

Ernief Seth Walther

Directed by Mike Smith
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