Plot Edit

Gem & Gemma Escape And Return To Dr K And They Tell Her That Shiffter Has Got Ther Morphers Dr K Sends The 5 To Get The Morphers Back B7ut They End Up Defeated As Soon As Shiffter Is About To Finsh Em Gem & Gemma Arrive And They Get The3 Morphers Back And Morph And Back The 2 Villians Off

Transcript Edit

Venjix Trapped Under Our Mercey

Shiffter Master A Dick On FB Is Being A Idiot Saying "venjix is a tool"

Venjix Wtf U Go On That Site

Shiffter Um Yes Sir

Tenya Eongh The Gold Morpher Is In Shiffters Posion

Venjix Shiffter Give Me It

Shiffter No (Runs Away)

(In The Hideout)

Killbotye Did U Get The Morpher

Shiffter Yes Tenya Is A Bitch We Must Dospose Of That Computer Junk

Killbotye Yes

Dr K Guys I Must Upload A New Mode To U Guys

Scott And Wtfs That

Dr K Restra Mode

Scott Holly Shit

Dr K What

Shiffter Flordge

Flordge Yes

Shiffter Destrack The Rangers While I Morpyh Inro The Gold Ranger U Can Be The Silver

Killbotye Yes Master Shiffter

Scott So This Restra Mode Its




Flordge Rangers On Ur Feet

Scott Huh U

Flordge Scott Remewmber Me

Scott Lets Do This Saber


Flordge Ur Weak As Hell

Venjix Tenya Ur Useless

Gem Ya


Gem Now To Go (Retreats)

Dr K Wtf Scott Use The Cannon

Scott Sorwad Cannon


Flordge Laughs

Scott What Impossable

Flordge Nothings Impossible Even Wth The Help Of My New Warrior Cola

Cola I'm Cola Prepper To Meet Ur Doom

Flordge Finsh Em

Cola Ur Going Down


(The 5 Unmorph)

Dr K Guys Actvate Restra mODE

Cola Ur Dr K Is A Dick


Flordge These Fools Will Pay

Scott Restra Mode Ya


Flordge What

Scott Restra Sorwad



Cola No....Lets Retreat (Retreats)

Dr K Huh We Blew Them Apart (Turns Around) Now We'll Oh Shit

Gem Yes Dr K We Have Some Knews

Dr K Wtf Is it

Gemma Shiffter Has The M9orphers

Dr K Rangers Gem & Gemma r Here The Morphers Are In Shiffter And Killbotyes Hands

Killbotye Yews Silver Power Laughs Were Rangers Now

Scott Were Here Killbotye Ur Silver Really

Killbotye Ur Weak Silver Striker


Shiffter Now For The Final Attack Striker


(The 5 Unmorph)

Gem Ya Were Here To Take The Morphers Back

Shiffter Ha Good Luck Wth That

Gemma We Don't Need Luck Saber


Gem Yes The Morphers

Gem Gold Power

Gemma Silver Power

Dr K Gemma Gem I'm Uploading A Cycle For U Each Of U

Gem Fuck Yea

Shiffter Uh Oh Were Doomed

Killbotye Venjix Wont Be Happy (Retreats)

Gem Corwads

Shiffter We Lost The Morphers How r We Going To Explain

Killbotye Don't Worry Ive Got A Plan

Dr K So Where The Fuck Did U Dickheads Come From

Gemma Pizzahut

Gem Rlly?

The End

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Air date 1 September 2009
Written by User:Candy Give Me It


Directed by User:Stranger26
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Cant Go With The Flow
Silver Alreat

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