Plot Edit

Jason And A dickhead Bully Have A Argermeant While Louie Kamboom Comes To The Manchine Empire To Take Over It

Gold Power Part 1
Season 4, Episode 91
Kabooms Arrival
Air date 7 October 1996
Written by William Fouracres

Judd Lynn Jackie Marchand Seth Walther

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Aim For The Gold Ranger
Gold Power Part 2


Sprocket Now That My Father Is Gone Wtf Do We Do

Manchina Nothing



LK I Am Louie Kamboom Your My Servent Come Fox Warrior

FW Yeah I'l Rip The Power Rangers Apart For U

LK Do It U 2 Will Serve Me

Manchina Yes As U Wish

Fox Warrior Yes The Gold Ranger His Mine

Jason No Zordon Since Mondo Is Gone I Think A Break

Zordon U Werent Tis Foolish When U Were TheRed Ranger And U Just Came

Fox Warrior Rangers Ur Mine

Jason Gold Power

Jason Fox Warrior

FW Yeah The Gold Ranger

Jason Saber Slash


(Jason Unmorphs)

FW Fools Huh The Rangers Are Here Im Outta Here

Tommy Jason No

Jason But Tommy We Can Defeat Him If We Take The Break

Alpha 5 I Think Its Time That I Upgraded The Gold Saber

Jason No

Alpha 5 K?

Manchina Wtf Was That

Louie Kamboom A Destrasction Now That The Gold Ranger Is Foolish We'll Destroy Him Fox Warrior Hunt Him Down And Destroy Him

Sprocket But Hes Too Powerful

LK Shutup Baby Boy

Jason We Need To


FW Ahhhh Yes Ur Mine

Jason Saber Slash


Jason Gold Saber


FW Why Me-


LK Ugh Doofus Soon This Earth Will Belong To Me

The End

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