Plot Edit

Aisha Gets/Starts To Get Bossy After Goldars Warrior Shoots Her Meanwhile Tommy Gets Jealous Of Adam As Hes Stealing His Marshall Arts Thing And So All That Stuff Its Up To Tommy To Get Over His Foolishness And The Rangers Work As A Team To Defeat Goldars Warrior

Transcript Edit

Goldar Lord Zedd I Have A Plan

LZ Wat Is It

Goldar If We Make One Of The Rangersa Bossy We Can Destroy The Team Easley

LZ Good Plan Send The Warrior

Goldar Yes

Zordon Rangers You Must Use Teamwork To Destroy The Warrior

Tommy Yes Aggred

Aisha kk

Ghoul Ahhhh The Yellow Ranger I'l Start On Her


Aisha Who Needs Teamwork

Ghoul It Worked

Tommy Ya Ya Ya

Adam Ha


Tommy Ugh

Ernie Tommy Stop Being Foolish

Tommy No I Must

Goldar White Ranger

Tommy Huh Its Goldar

Goldar Ahhh Ur Here

Tommy yes Times Up Final Cannon


Goldar Miss Me U'lle Get That

Tommy Never

Goldar Ha


Ghoul Ahhh Tommy Times Up

Tommy Ha


(Tommy Unmorphs)

GhoulFool I'l Destroy Him

Tommy Ha

Rocky Final Ultra Cannon


Goldar No U Fool

Scorpina Goldar Has Failed Once Again

LZ Fool

Ghoul Im Back

Rocky His Mine Spring Megazord Spring Ticket


Ghoul Ahhh Yes Rangers To Dir For


Rocky Guys Together

Adam Aggred

Aisha Sparro Sorwad


Ghoul I Cant Belive My Eyes-


LZ Goldar U Fool

Goldar Uh Oh Im Done For

LZ U Are Punished

Goldar Ugh

The End

Goldars Turn
Season 2, Episode 35
Air date 22 April 1995
Written by Judd Lynn

User:Ernief0000 Jill Donnellan Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
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The Big Z Attacks

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