Plot Edit

Goldar Sends The Crab Warrior To Drain More Of Tommys Power Out Of Him While Alpha 5 Becomes Evil Again And Takes Care Of Zordon Wth Eas

Transcript Edit

LZ So The Green Ranger Was Runninng Out Of Power In His Battle Wth Clog

Goldar Yes And His Nearly Out Of Energey

LZ Send The Crab Warrior

Goldar Yes Crab Warrior

Crab Warrior Thanks For Ur Foolishness

Goldar GO

Jason Boo

Ms Ugh

Tommy So....

Bullk Theres Mr Caption

Tommy Ugh Would U 2 Knock It Off

Kim So Ernie-

Ernie Really

Kim Yes To The Command Center

Jason Yes Wth The Clog Warrior Tommy Was Ruinning Out Od Power

Zordon Zedd Is Trying To Drain Tommys Energey So He Can Be Destroyed

Jason Ok

Zordon Tommy Ur Powers Dont Have That Much In Them

Tommy Of Corse Yes

Alpha And The Morphing Grid

Tommy Huh A Attack

Jason Its Morphin Time

Alpha 5 Ahh Ther Gone Now To Rip U To Bits Zordon

Zordon OH CRAP

Tommy Huh

Crab Warrior Ur Finshed

Tommy No U Are


Tommy Ugh

Crab Warrior Lord Zedd Always Gets What He Wants

Tommy Never Ya


Alpha 5 Now That Zordon Is History I'l Go Scare Some Fucking Humans

Tommy Ya


Crab Warrior Ur Powers Are Mine

Jason Guys Its Time To Snap This Warrior To Bits Saber Slash


Crab Warrior Pathetic


(the 5 Unmorph)

Tommy Ugh No

Crab Warrior Goodbye Tommy

To Be Contined....

Green Plans Part 1
Season 2, Episode 26
Air date 25 September 1994
Written by Judd Lynn

Peter David William Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
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The Pills Of Power
Green Plans Part 2

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