Plot Edit

After Tacking Care Of Zordon Alpha 5 Serts The CC Off For A 50 Min Bomb The Rangers Who Are Handling The Crab Monster Must Race To The CCs Rescue Otherwise Zordons Done For Meanwhile at The End Tommy Leaves Of His Green Powers Gone

Transcript Edit

Crab Warrior Hahahaha Ur Useless Tommy

Tommy No Ugh I Cant Belive It

Jason Ugh Red Power

LZ Goldar Ur Warrior Is Doing Good

Crab Warrior Its Time Goodbye Tommy

Tommy Green Power Sa- Ugh

Alpha 5 Back On My Way To The Command Center

Tommy No Ugh

LZ Goodbye Tommy

Crab Warrior Yes No One Can Defeat Me Ever

Tommy Guys Commbind The Cannon Wth The Sabers

Jason Aggred

Crab Warrior Whats This


Jason Final Saber Strike


LZ Make Mr Poopoo Heads Warrior Grow

Crab Warrior Yes Im Victories

Jason Spring Megazord Spring Strike


Crab Warrior Im Invisable

Trini Ugh His Ritght We'll Never Destroy Him

Jason No Jetpacks Fire


Crab Warrior Impossable-


LZ Yes Uh Oh No

Tommy ugh My Powers Ther Gone

Zordon Tommy it has been a pluser for U To Be The 6th Ranger Now U Go On To Do What Ever U Want

Tommy Yes

Ms A Um Jason Foucus

Jason Fine

The End

Green Plans Part 2
Season 2, Episode 27
Air date 1 October 1994
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by User:Pillowcokie

Mike Smith

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