Plot Edit

To Beat This Monster Mike Must Focus His Tree Spirt If He Is Too Win Serrator Gets Crustor And Gen Gut Wth Him And Sends Gut To Finsh The Rangers Serrator Heads After The Gold Zord

Transcript Edit

Xandrend mmmm Look At That Stupid Green Ranger

Octoroo Wheres Dayu

Xandrend Gone cause shes a Bitch

Serrator mmm Ive Read The Legend

(66 Years Ago)

Crustor Its Mine

(66 Years Later)

Serrator And After I Get The Zord I'll Destroy Xandrend Wth It

Crustor But The Zord Is The Gold Rangers

Serrator Yes But That Will Be Foolish Gut Destroy The Rangers

Gut Yes Sirrer


Mia A Attack Mike

Mike Yes

Gut Yeah My Army Was Destroyed But I Have A Plan

Mike u again

Gut Laughs

Mike Disk Cann


Gut Fools

Crustor Serrator How Longs The Zord

Serrator Not Far

Gut Yum


Mike Ugh oh No

Gut Rangers Ahhh Yes

Xandrend Wherews Serrator

Gen Gut Ugh After The Gold Zord

Xandrend WHATT

Octoroo How Do We Stiop Him

Xandrend Gut Destroy The Zord Befor That Stupidhead Can Go Near It

Octoroo Remember Boss The Gold Ranger Is The Only One To Contral The Zord

Xandrend Yes Serrators A idiot He'll Nv Get That Zord

Mike A Attack Therew

Gen Gut why Hello Rangers Its Time To Be Destroyed

Mike No Never

Mike Ha


Gen Gut No Impossable

Gen Gut You Idiots

Mike Disk Cann


Xandrend NO

Gen Gut Im Fonaly Back

Jayden Loxy Megazord

Gen Gut Useless Junk


Jayden Oh No

Gen Gut Yes Now I'll Get ur Morphers And Use ur ranger Powers And Destroy U With Them

Jayden Mike Its All Up To You

Gen Gut No Mikes Mikes Are Useless

Mike Ha Ya


Mike Finaly Now ur Going Down Loxy Cann


Gen Gut No Serrator The Gold Zord Go After It-


Antino The Gold Zord No Way

Serrator What Gen Guts A Idiot

Criustor Are We Near The Zord

Serrator Yes Soon The Zords Power Will Be Mine

Jayden No The Gold Zord

Ji Its Antinos Next Zord U Must Get To It Fast

To Be Contined....

Green Rangers Target
Season 1, Episode 6
Focus Mike
Air date 1 Feb 2016
Written by Jill Donnellan
Directed by Yujl Nogel
Episode Guide
Blue Puppet
Zording The Zord

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