As Trump Rules Again Edit

Gwen Frist Appres On The Couch With Ben & Kevin Donald Trump On The TV And Ben Goes Swampfire And Flys Gwen Points Out That Swampfire Cant Fly Gwen Then Appres When Ben Returns Saying That Azmuth Has Been Captured By Donald Trump Gwen Says She Dosent Care Then Gwen Appres When Donald Trump Was Escaping From Ben Gwen & Kevin Stop Her

Justin Bebbier Has Cancer Again Edit

Gwen Just Appres On The Couch

Aggregors Last Aanocement Edit

Gwen Kevin & Ben Go To See Aggregor After He Stepped Down From Being Presdent Then Icon Attacks The Throne And Defeats The Gang And He Retreats To His Master

Albedos New Car Edit

The Gang Were Chaseing Cheesehead And Rook Shoots Him Albedo Then Arrives And Takes Em For A Drive And They Defeat Villians (Including Nemiess Then Albedo Tricks Em Locking Em Up In Undertown Ben Is Defeated By Albedo And Gwen Shoots Albedo (Defeating Him) He Is Arrested After That

The Vreedles Do Not Know How To Live Edit

Gwen And The Co Try And Help The Vreedles Live Like Real Pepole

Charmcasters Real Father Edit

Gwen And The Co Go To Legerdomain To See Charmcaster But Charmcaster And Her Father Attack Em While Ben Has Trouble With A New Alien Gwen Is Fighting Charmcaster Spellbinder Defeats Em Later The Gang Find Bubblehelmet And He Clams His Her Real Father Spellbinder Destroys Him And Ben Takes On Spellbinder With Spellthrick Gwen Helps Spellthrick Defeat Spellbinder Then Dagion Appres In The Sky And Destroys Charmcaster Spellbinder Thanks Him Ben Then Goes Wildmutt And Kills Dagion His Heart Falls On The Ground And Spellbinder Picks It Up Turing Into Spelldragon He Chases Em Out Of Legerdomain And Gwen Traps Him In Ther

Azmuths Beard Comes Alive Edit

Gwen & The Co Battle Azmuths Beard While Ben Fucks Up The Omnitrix Turing Into Fusion Aliens At The End Ben Gets A Fusiontrix

Apprences Edit

Triva Edit

Gwen & Kevin Will Not Appre In Elana Makes A Chip Call Or The Zurg War Part 1 & Part 2 Of Unknown Reasons


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