Plot Edit

The Hostige Rangers After Being Defeated Go To The Rainbow Place To Commbind Ther Crystels To Form The Rainbow Crystel To Defeat The Planet Warriors

Triva Edit

The Rainbow Crystel Is Created And It Destroys The Planet Warriors

The Hostige Rangers Will Return In A Future Ep

Transcript Edit

Brad Owl....Ugh We.....Were Defeated

Calvin We Cant.....Give Up Yet

Brad Your Right

Jim Lets Go Back To The Base

(In The Base)

Savro Rangers Theres Only 1 More Chance We Have At Defeating The Planet Villians

Brad And What Is It

Savro You Guys Need To Go To The Rainbow Place

Brad Ohk

Savro Il Give You A Map

Brad Ok Thanks We'll Need It



Savro This Base Is Now Not At Full Accussess Anymore So I Trust You To Go To The Rainbow Place There The Rainbow Gards Will Commbind Your Crystels And Then You Can Defeat The Planet Villians Once And For All

Brad Yes Lets Go Guys (The 7 Telport)

Savro And Now Theres Something I Must Do

(In The City)




Porexx Ahhh Yes Feels Good To Be The Leadder

Strome Aggred All Hail Master Porexx

Porexx Them Warlord Chumps Were Weak Im The Real Deal




(In A White Place)

Brad Its This Way

Porexx Now Lets Destroy The Wall Of China




Savro Stop This Madness Porexx

Porexx Ahhh Wheres Your Weak Ranger Friends

Savro You Dont Need To Know That But Im Going To Fight You

Porexx Laughs Dont Make Me Laugh Funny Guy Your Weak




(Meanwhile The 7 Rangers Enter A Brown Place)

Jim How Much Longer

Brad We Need To Enter The Red Blue Green Gold & Pink Place

Bon Then Were There

Brad Yes

Savro Ugh

Porexx Pathetic Mentor You Are

Savro No

Porexx Yes Maybe I Should Destroy The Rangers Legendary Mentor

Savro Oh No

Porexx Goodbye

Savro I Dont Think So Sabers



Porexx Ugh My Ship

(Savro Goes Aborad Porexxs Ship)

Savro Your Evil Days Are Over Vile Villan

Porexx Do You Think So Stream Minuns Destroy The Introder

Savro No Thanks Blasters




Savro Ha Now Your Scared

Porexx Not A Chance

Savro Well You Should Be

Porexx The Only One That Should Be Scared Is You




Savro Ugh

(Meanwhile Th3e Rangers Enter The Red Room)

Brad Ugh Now This Is Getting Boring

Calvin Aggred

(They Enter The Blue & Green Room Then The Pink Room)

Brad Theres The Rainbow Room

(The 7 Enter The Rainbow Room)

Brad Please We Want To Commbind Our Crystels

Rainbow Gard 2 Yes Granted

Savro Oh No

Porexx Its Been Fun Fighting You

Savro Gasp

(The Rainbow Gards Make A Posion)

Rainbow Gard 3 Put Your Crystels In There

Brad k (Puts The Red One In George Puts The Blue One In Calvin Puts The Green One In Then Hayley Puts The Pink One In Then Ashley Puts The Yellow One In And Jim Puts The Gold One In And Bon Puts The Silver One In Then The Rainbow Gards Pull Out The Rainbow Crystel)

Rainbow Gard 2 There You Go Use It Wiseley

Brad Oh We Will

Porexx Goodbye Silly Mentor

Brad Hey Porexx Time To Shut Up (Lands In The Ship) Rangers Lets Show Him

Porexx Whatts This

Brad Rainbow Crystel Engize Rainbow Power 1

George Rainbow Power 2

Calvin Rainbow Power 3

Hayley Rainbow Power 4

Ashley Rainbow Power 5

Jim Rainbow Power 6

Bon Rainbow Power 7

Porexx Where Did You Get This Rainbow Power From Its Pathetic

Brad Lets Get Him Rainbow Slash


Calvin Rainbow Kick


George Rainbow Skip



Porexx Ugh Stop That

Hayley Rainbow Jump


Jim & Bon Rainbow Punch



(Porexx Falls Into The Bridge)

Porexx Ugh....What IS THIS POWER

Strome Porexx You Fool

Ashley Rainbow Slap



Porexx Uh Oh Were Going Down

Brad Well Were Not (The 8 Jump Out Of The Planet Ship)

Porexx Oh You Fools





Savro Yes Finaly The Threat Is Over

Brad Yay

(In The School)

Brad Wow This Is So Messed Up

Jim Aggred Same With Our Old Base

Teacher Yes Its Messed Up Of The Villians Cause YOU Guys Werent Protecking It

Jim Well We Were Bizzy Getting This Rainbow Crystel (The Rainbow Crystel Drops And Breaks) Uh Oh


(Meanwhile In The Damged Base)

Savro Goodjob Rangers You Defeated All The Villians

The End

Hostige Fate (Part 2)
Season 2, Episode 54
The Rainbow Crystel
Air date 26 April 2017
Written by William Fouracres & David McDermott With Judd Lynn
Directed by John Laing
Episode Guide
Hostige Destroction (Part 1)
The Space Meeting

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