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The Hostige Crystels Are Found By Caption Savro He Calls 5 Teenagers To Become Power Rangers

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(34 Years Ago)

(Savro Is Runninng For The Exit Of The Ship)

Flungo Come Back With My Masterpeace You Fool

Savro No (Blasts Him He Falls)

Flungo Ugh Get Him Roxys

Roxys 2 Yes Master

(Savro Gets In The Ship And Escapes)

Flungo To The Bridge

(They Go To The Bridge)

Flungo Il Blast The Shit Out Of Him (Presses The Fire Button And It Fires On Savros Ship) Laughs Moron

(Savros Ship Crashs Down To Earth)

(Savro Gets Out And Roxy 1 Comes)

Roxy 1 The Hostige Crystel Will Make Flungo Invisable He Will Rule The Universe

Savro Yeah I Dont Think So (Trows A Sorwad At Him It Destroys Him) Boomchuckerlucker

Flungo Worthless Imberciles

(Flungo Goes Down To Earth)

Flungo Your A Fool Savro Now Give Me The Hostioge Crystels Or Bal Down To my Fucking Feet

(Savro Escapes)

Flungo Moron

(34 Years Later)

(In The Galaxy Fortress)

Flungo That Fool Escaped Me I Will Get My Revenge

(In The Cafe)

Brad Yes Ive Gotta Cook My Custmers Some Food Or I Will Be F**Ked By My Boss

(Miss Gash Wallks In)

Miss Gash Look At These Burgers Ther Not Good They (Tastles Em) They Tastle Like Shit Melted With Wee

Brad Oh

(George Is At The Libary)

George Look At These Books They Are Awesome (Reads A Book About Jaws The Movie)

Libary Lady Get Out That Jaws Book Is Overated

George Il Put 6 Bucks On It That Its Not

(He Puts 6 Bucks On It And He Looses It)

Libary Lady GET OUT

(In A Room Savro Turns The Lights On)

savro Yes Its Time To Call 5 Teenagers

Roponic Aggred

(In The Galaxy Fortress)

Flungo Ugh That Fool Il Destroy him

Beamster Master Shall I Serve You

Flungo Yes Lets Head Down To Earth And Get The Hostige Crystel Of That Simpleton

(They Head Down)

Ashley (Practiceing Marshall Arts) Ya

Calvin Yeah My girlfriend

Hayley Ugh

(Back In The Cafe)

Brad Why Is Ther Dogshit Here

Custmer Oh That Was My Dog He Shits Evreywhere I Go

Brad You Get The Pluser Of Cleainng It Up Then (Trows Him Toliet Papper)

(Custmer Cleans It Up)

Custmer jfc

(The City Starts To Shake)

Flungo hello Humans Prepper To Suffer My Wrath Wheres That Imbercile Savro Turn The Hostige Crystels To Me Otherwise Il Destroy Your Whormhole Do It Now Or Else (Places A 5 Min Bomb In The Sky) Fools (Turns It On) That Will Bomb Up The Whole Universe And I Will Be Victories

(Savro Telports The 5 Rangers)

Savro Guys I Need Your Help

Brad Why Who The Fuck Are You

Savro Im Savro

Brad Mavro Off Power Rangers Super Megaforce kkkk

Savro No Not Him I Need You Guys To Become Power Rangers

Brad Nah I Had Breakfest Im Fine

Savro Stop Being A Dickhead And Listen To me You Fucking Moron 34 Years Ago Flungo That Villian Thats Threanting Earth Right Now Blasted My Ship Onto The Planet He Then Went To Earth To Get The Hostige Crystels The Ones I Possess Ther Bonded To Dinosaurs btw

Brad So Whatts That

Savro Brad You Shall Become The Red Hostige Dinosaur Fire Charge Ranger

Brad Nah Im Good Lets Go Guys

(The 5 Leave)

Savro Wtf

Roponic Teenagers

To Be Contined....

Hostige Formation Part 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Hostige Formation Part 1
Air date 9 April 2017
Written by Len Uhley & User:Swap29
Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Hostige Formation Part 2

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