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Daggreon Is Called By Imperious Of The Knight Final Battle To Declare Whos Stronger While The Rangers Battle Koragg

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Air date 18 Nov 2006
Written by User:Migster7/User:William Ude
Directed by User:Ghosthant 54
Episode Guide
The Mystic Titan Battle Part 2
10 Terrors Asamble


Master Ive Had Eongh Imperious Of Ur Warriors Failing me

Koragg Yes Aggred Its Getting Old Here

Imperious Koragg Uve Failed More Times Than me That Stupid Megazord BS U Made up

Koragg Yes But

Master Hes Right Butt Out Koragg

Koragg Fine

Imperious FineIl Finsh Them Fuckheads

Koragg U All Will Know Whos Stronger When I Strike The Rangers MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Nick Well That Was Fun

Daggreon That knight Power Phiness

Phiness Wtf

Daggreon That Koragg Striked Us Wth

Phiness Oh Yes

(5 Yrs Ago)

Phiness I Must


Koragg Hello Scumbag

Phiness SHIT


Daggreon Yea

Imperious Daggreon ItsTime For The Duel

DAggreon What Fucking Duel

Imperious U Will Duel Me Or I Will Destroy Bairwood

Daggreon Fine

Koragg MAWAWAWAWA Thuis Shall Be Our Final Fight Rangers

Nick Shit Lets Go

Daggreoin Mind Explainng this BS To Me

Imperious Yes To See Whos Stronger

Daggreon Ok Lets Go Knight Sorwad

Imperious laughs Ur In My Domain now

Daggreon ugh 




(Fires All Around)

Imperious In My Domain it Can Be Rlly Shakey Around here)

Daggreon Yea Fuck no


Imperious Ha


Nick Ha Ur Out Koragg Evreyone Power Mode

Vida Fuck Yea

Koragg Ur Power Modes r Weak- Ugh No

(Koragg Runs)

Nick Shit Im Going After Him

Vida Were Comiung

Rula No Ur Not Leave The red Ranger Be Il Destroy u

Nick Koragg Where r U

Leanbow Yes Niki Wiki Its me

Nick Fuck Who Invited u Old Man

Leanbow That Is No Way To Speak to ur Dad

Nick Wtf

Leanbow Yes that Is Ugh 


Vida Ugh


Rula Ur Weak

Vida Cannon


(The 4 Unmorph)

Vida Ugh Guyts

Xander Ok Power Strike


Rula Ha


(The 4 Fall)

Rula Ha Pathetic

Koragg Its Time Nick Be Eviul Like me

Nick No Never

Koragg Then Be Destroyed

Undonna No

Koragg Ahh Old Lady IU come to ur poos Rescue

Nick What

Koragg Shut It 


Imperious Yes The Fall Of The Mystic Knight Its Time

Daggreon ugh

Vida Cycles


Rula So The Mystic Force Rangers Fall To Me

Chip Guys to Defeat Him We Must

Koragg Ha


Koragg Yes

Nick y

Undonna Fucking knock it off or u can Suck my Pussy U mother fucking goddamm Cunt

Koeragg Ha Old Ladys Dont Scare Ugh-

leanbow Oh Yes

Undonna Leanbow

Leanbow Yes Its Me

Imperious Weak And Pathetic Solo Mystic Mode

Daggreon Mystic Mode

Imperious Ur Useless

Daggreon Saber


Daggreon Moron

Imperious Yes Whatever U Can Do U Cant Defeat Me Im Invisable

Daggreon Expoect This Fire Mode Saber


Imperious Impossable Im Invisable-


Daggreon Finaly

Master What Imperious Is History No Draw Power


Imperious Look At Me

Daggreon Thats Eongh Knight Megazord

Imperious Ur Weak


(The Megazord Falls)

Imperious U Think U Can Defeat Me I Told U Im Invisable

Daggreon ugh

Leanbow yes the master put a Spell On Me

Nick And You Turned Into Koragg

Leanbow Yes i Am ur father

Nick And ur my mother

Undonna Yes

Leanbow Ugh-


Koragg Yes Its Tiume To Battle

Rula Ur History

Vida Ugh Undonna How Do We Defeat him 

Undonna Um Commbo Ur Weapons I Mean Magic All Ur Magic

Vida Lets Do This Commbo


Master Fools Draw Power 

Rula Ur Weak 

Vida Titan Megazord Guys Lets Finsh This


Daggreon ugh Thats It This Is What Leanbow Thought Me

Imperious What

Daggreon Mystic Hammer Strike


Imperious No-


Daggreon Now To Help the others

Vida Titan Mode

Rula Oh Power Ranger U Think U Can Destroy Me

Vida Strike


Rula Ha


(Flames r Around The Area)

Rula Yes Now To

Daggreon Ha Im Here

Rula U Again

Daggreon Mystic Strike


Daggreon Nv Fuk Wth Us Again

Rula No



Daggreon Yes Lets Go Help th others

Koragg This Is Going To Be Fun

Nick Get Back Mother Power Mode Cannon Cycles




Nick Ha

Koragg How- CRASH How Can This Be CRASH I Was Invisable-


Leanbow Wow

Daggreon Yes Were Here Leanbow

Leanbow daggreon Yes

Daggreon Lets Go


Undonna So Now 8 Of us r Here 

Daggreon We All Struggled Aginst Our Enmeys

Leanbow But We Kicked ther butts

Undonna Yes

Master Nec U r The Only Warrior I Have U Better Get Me A New General 

Nec Yes Sir

The End

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