Plot Edit

After Kicking Venjixs Crew Out Lord Restra Killbotye General Tream And Shiffter Take Over His Place Killbotye Sends A Warrior To Destroy The Rangers While Ziggy Is Affocted By The Warriors Blasts (That Go Evreywhere) He Starts To Become A Minun For Restra

Transcript Edit

Restra Tream Set That Up There That Moron Venjix Is A Dick\

Tenya Ugh Master Venjix I Fuck Who r U

Restra I Am Lord Restra Who r U

Tenya Tenya

Restra Get Out

Tenya Yes Sir

Restra Killbotye Yes

Killbotye Ive Got A Warrior

Restra And Whos This Warrior

Killbotye Sounder He'll Deal Wth The Fu****s

Restra Send Him Out

Killbotye Yes Sir Go

Sounder Yes

Restra Soon The World Will Be Mine

Venjix How Dare He Kick Me Out What A Stupid fool

Crunch And Wheres Tenya

Tenya Here Killbotye & Shiffter Have Betrayed Us

Venjix IK Ther Dicks

Dr K Ther Masters Name Is Restra And He Was From 608 Groh Land Its Where Galaxy Warriors Come From

Scott So.....

Flynn Um Yes That's Really Werid




Ziggy Owl

Flynn Lets Go RPM Get In Gear

Sounder Laughs Rangers U Will Fall

Summer Yea Together

Flynn Sorwad Cannon

Sounder No Promblen




Sounder Weak Weapon Huh Shiffter Yes

Shiffter U Fools Will All Fall Its Time To Know Ur Real Master

Scott That's It Ive Had U Level Mode Striker


Shiffter No...,.Sounder Get Rid Of Em

Sounder Yes

Scott Level Cannon Aww Yea


Sounder No-


Sounder Laughs....Big Form I Will Crash U Raqngers

Scott Reak Stroke Megazord

Sounder Laughs Ur Megazords Arint A Match For Me Il Destroy The Rangers Frist Then Venjix

Scott Reak Saber


Sounder No

Scott Reddy U 4 Swift Striker Fire


Sounder No-


Scott Awww Yea

Shiffter Sounder Has Failed My Lord

Lord Restra Yes He Has Leave My Sight

Scott Shiffter He Put Some Power On Us

Dr K Rangers I'm Bizzy Working On Gem & Gemmas Megazord

Scott WHAT

The End

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Air date 5 October 2009 (USA & Australia)

11 Jan 2010 (Japan)

Written by User:Retro IIII (Retro Strikes Back)
Directed by User:Stranger26
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