Plot Edit

Ivan Keeps Having Food Fights With The Rangers Tyler Also Bees A Bully To A Little Boy Keeper Has A Word To Both Of Them And They Go Out With Dino Charges To Defeat Furys Latest Warrior Also The Silver Ranger Contacts Them And Tells Them News About The Dark Energem

Transcript Edit

(In Snides Ship)

Fury So Snide What Happens Now

Snide Get Off My Back And Get A Warrior

Fury Yes Sir

(Fury Wallks In The Hallway)

Fury mmm Il Pick The Energey Warrior The Rangers Will Get Blasted To Bits Now

(In The Dino Museim)

Ivan Ahh Yes The Sorwad Of Sex

Kendall That's Not Called The Sorwad Of Sex

Ivan Rex

Kendall No

Ivan 69

Kendall No

Ivan Porn

Kendall No

Ivan Boobs

Kendall GET OUT

(Ivan Leaves)

(Keeper Trys To Get The Silver Rangers Signal)

Keeper Fucking Hell

Silver Ranger Hello.....Rangers (Its Cracking Up)

Keeper Fuck Don't Loose The Signal

(They Loose It Keeper Faints)

Koda Is He Dead?

(In The City)

Fury Now Lets Attack The City

Tyler Guys A Attack

Ivan Aww Yeah

(The 6 Run To The Area)

Fury Rangers

Ivan Ok Its Tigerguy Guys Ive Got Tigerguy You Handle That Awful Warrior

(In The Dino Base Philp & James Come)

James So Why Did You Call Us

Kendall Because Weve Found The Silver Energem

(In The City)

Fury Your Weak Ivan


Ivan Ugh Dino Ptera Mode Dino Ptera Slash


Fury Ugh-


Fury Fool Energey Warrior Your Plan

EW Yes Fury (Absorbs The 6 Rangers Energey) Laughs Weaklings

Tyler I'm Hungry

Ivan No One Gives A Fuck Now Lets Take This Dumb Fucker On

EW No Lets Not (The 2 Retreat)

Fury Master Heckel 6 Rangers Energey Is In The Warrior

Heckel Let Me See (Sees) Ahh Yes Now Il Have It

Fury Now Lets Get The Others

(In The Dino Base)

Kendall (Scans The 6 Rangers) Ivan Wasn't Harmed

Ivan Yes Fiffy Scum

Kendall (Gets A Hammer Threants To Bang His Head)

Ivan Uh Oh

Keeper James Philp I Think You 2 Need To Handle The Warrior

Kendall No They Will Get Hit Il Go

Ivan With Me

James No Ivan Your To Weak

Ivan No I'm Not

(In The City Energey Warrior Is Blasting Stuff)

EW Idiots


Kendall Hey You Scum

EW Ahhh The Purple Ranger

Kendall Yes Its Me Dino Charger 8 Dino Stargo Weapon Slash Slash



EW No-


Fury Weak

EW I'm....Getting Mad Il Take Your Energey Goodbye Pur-


Ivan I Don't Think So Scum

EW What But I Took Yours

Ivan Not Quite

(When The Previous Battle Was Being Held)

EW Il Take Your Energey

Ivan No Gold Sherild Ugh


Ivan I Faked It Dino Charger 6 Dino Ptera Mode Dino Ptera Strike


EW Ugh...Shit

Fury Uh Oh (Retreats)

EW Fury You Pussy Il Shut You Up

Tyler I Don't Think So Energey Scum Dino Charger 1

(The Other 4 Unmorph)

Ivan Now Lets Despose Of Him

Tyler Aggred Dino Ultramate Super Mode

EW You Fools Will Go Down




Tyler Dino Ultramate Thunder Saber




EW Ugh....Fools

Ivan This Scumbags Going Down

EW I Don't Think So

Ivan Ultramate Cannon





EW Ugh-


Snide No He Failed Fury

Fury Yes Master

Snide Enlarge

(EW Grows)

Tyler Ultramate Super Dino Megazord Ultra Saber


EW Ugh....Screw U

Tyler That Din't Do It This Will Ultramate Sorwad Slash


EW Impossible-


Fury That Idiotoc Plan I Shount Of Thought Of It

Heckel Yes You Shount Of

(In The Dino Base The 2 Rangers Mange To Get The Signal To Work)

Silver Ranger Ello Bros Pals M8s Whateves

Keeper Wheres The Dark Energem

Silver Ranger I Don't Know But Ugh...No-


Keeper Holly Shit

Koda Weve Lost The Signal Again

James Aww Well You Guys Can Worry About That Me & Philp Are Leaving

(The 2 Leave)

Keeper Motherf****rs

The End

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Air date 16 September 2016
Written by User:Dreammaker 34
Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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