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With 6 Rangers On The Team Sledge Sends A WWE Warrior Down He Takes Out 5 Rangers Ivan Gets Some Hot Girls To Take The Warrior On

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Air date 17 September 2015
Written by User:Ültimate Hydrä X
Directed by User:Reo 54
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The Gold Picker
The Ivan Spell


(Sledge Punchs Fury)

Sledge Fucking Asshole Failing Me And Fucking Letting The Gold Ranger Go You Are A Brainless Twit

Fury Whatever

Sledge GET OUT

WWE Warrior Yes Sledge Allow Me To Take The Rangers On

Sledge Fine But If You Fail Your Dead

(In The Dino Base Ivan Is Looking At The Dino Charges)

Ivan They Are Made Of Cordeeol)

Tyler And Achole

Ivan Fuck Off They Were Not Made Of Beer

Keeper Yes Ivans Right Now That Ther Are 6 Energems We Still Need 4

Tyler No Dint You Hear On The Radio Theres 300



Ivan Lier

(In The Dino Cafe Riley Is Putting Shit Away Really Skillfull)

Riley Ahhh Yes My Skills Are Awesome Like My Fathers Skills

(Matt Calls Riley)

Riley Ello

Matt We Have Very Sad News Our Father Died


Matt Yes Aggred

(Riley Drives To The Funel)

Riley Love You Father You Were 56 You Died At A Too Young Age

Matt Sersley?

Riley YUS

(In The Dino Cafe Again Ivan Looks Around)

Ivan Where Do U Keep Co-Co-Pops

Tyler We Dont Have Any


Tyler Whatever

(WWE Warrior Bashs The Town up Chase Arrives)

Chase Wtf Are You Doing M8

WWE Nothing But THIS

Chase Ok Thats Fine

WWE No This


(Chase Falls He Morphs He Then Goes Dino Ultra Mode And Gets The Axe He Turns The Axe Into A Cannon And Blasts The fuck Outta WWE Warrior But WWE Warrior Shoots Chase He Unmorphs And Falls)

Tyler So Is That All You Want To Know

Ivan Yes

Keeper Go Rangers Chase Is In Trouble

Ivan BS Chase Always Lies I Remember A Time


Ivan Oh Yes Chase Do You Have A Uncule

Chase No

(In 1969)

Ivan Oh Yes Chase Do You Like Me

Chase No

(In 1987)

Chase Hey U2 My Grandfathers Fat



Tyler Whateves Thats Not Real Anyways

Keeper GO!

(Tyler Heads Off)

Chase Ugh

WWE Warrior Il Wresel You To The Ground

(Tyler Shoots WWE Warrior)

Tyler No You Wont

WWE Warrior Oh Its The Red Ranger

Chase Thanks Tyler

Koda Weve Got Your Back

Riley Hey 1 Questin Wheres Ivan?

Chase Oh Fuck His Being A Idiot

WWE Warrior Smell My Poo


Tyler Ok Its Morphing Time

(The 5 Morph Koda & The Others Go Dino Ultra Mode And Koda Strikes WWE Warrior WWE Warrior Punchs Koda He Is Knocked Out Of DUM (Meainng Dino Ultra Mode) The WWE Warrior Then Strikes 5 Of The Rangers And They All Unmorph)

Tyler Ugh Shit

WWE Warrior Weak (He Retreats)

Tyler Ugh IVAN

(Meanwhile Ivan Is Looking At Girls)

Ivan Oh Yeah All Of You Sexy Girls Join My Club Of Girls Attack We Will Be Better Than The Power Rangers

(Tyler Storms Over To Ivan)

Tyler Wtf Is This You Cockhead

Ivan These Are Charlies Angels Im Renaming Them To Ivans Angels

Tyler Sersley Your Dumb But Im Going To Let You Go On With These Fuckers It Will end Up Like Your Knights When You Frist Came To The Team

Ivan BS These Are Investergaters Right Girls

Girl 4 Im Just Here For Porn

Ivan Well You Dont Get Porn Unless You Fucking Help Me

Girl 4 Whatever Man

(Ivan Leads Them To The Candy Kingdom)

Ivan So What Will You Like

PB Wtf Who The Fuck Are You

Ivan Im Ivan And These Are My Angels




(They Go To Bensons Office)

Ivan Hey Boss Give Me A Job At The Park And Il Help Your Bussness

Benson Leave My Bussness Alone

Ivan Fuck Up This Is My Bussness Now Sucker


Benson Whatever

(They Go To Eggmans Place In Sonic Boom)

Ivan Hey Eggman Give Us A Job And We Will Make Your Money Easy

Eggman Fuck Off My Moneys Not Easy Anyways


(They Go To Bellwood)

Ivan Ben 10 Allow Me To Work For You

Ben Wait (Turns Into Heatblast Scarthes His Ass)

Heatblast Thats Better


Tyler Keeper Whys Ivan Being A fucking moron

Keeper idk

(Ivan Comes Down The Dino Stairs Into The Dino Base)

Ivan Hello Boss

Keeper Wtf Ivan

(The Girls Slide Down)

Keeper Wtf Ivan This Is Porn Not Power Rangers Its Suppses To Be Power Rangers Not Porn

Ivan Ahhh Yes Porn Is Good For Little Kids

Keeper No Its Not It Teaches Em Bad Habbotts

Ivan kkk Look I Dont Really Care So You Can Take My Gold Energem And Shove It Up Your Ass


Sledge What You Dint Take Out The Gold One You Fool

WWE Warrior He Dint Show

Sledge Hmmm Well I Have Something That Will Make Him Show

Tyler Ivan Stop This Trash Its Fucking BS

Ivan No You Stop Your Cash Its Not Eongh Money

Keeper Ivan Can You Please Stop It With The Porn BS Its Really Getting Immature

Ivan Ugh Fine Common Girls Lets Go Stop Sledge

Keeper No Ivan

(Ivan Leaves 2 Late)

Keeper Rangers A Attack Get There Befor Ivan Dose

Tyler kkk

(In The Deset WWE Warrior Is Attacking The Humans)

Ivan Girls Lets Stop This Scum

WWE Warrior Who The Fuck Are You

Ivan (Pulls Out Sorwad) I Am Ivan The Knights Of Sandra

Girl 3 Zander You Dummbie

Ivan Very Well (Morphs Goes Dino Ultra Mode Uses Dino Charger 18 Witch Turns Into A Axe Then Ivan Uses The Ultra Wip To Slash WWE Warrior It Works But WWE Warrior Shoots Him The Girls Run Ivan Falls Out Of Dino Ultra Mode And Goes To Attack WWE Warrior But Is Striked By Him He Unmorphs)

WWE Warrior Fool Now Im Going To Destroy The Legendary Gold Ranger Say Bye Bye

Ivan Oh Shit Hes Gonna Destroy Me

(The Rangers Arrive Tyler Shoots WWE Warrior)

WWE Warrior Ugh Shit

Tyler Yeah You 5 You Know What To Do

(Ivan Hugs Tyler)

Ivan Thanks For Saving Me Mummy

Tyler Im Not Your Mum

WWE Warrior Your Going To Vacet To Excsesdents Soon

Tyler No Thanks Dino Charger 1

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Chase Dino Charger 3

Riley Dino Charger 4

Koda Dino Charger 5

Ivan Dino Charger 6

(They Morph)

WWE Warrior Fools

Ivan Evreyone Ultra Dino Mode

Tyler ya Mean Dino Ultra Mode

Ivan Yes Sorry

Tyler Dino Ultra Mode 1

Shelby Dino Ultra Mode 2

Chase Dino Ultra Mode 3

Riley Dino Ultra Mode 4

Koda Dino Ultra Mode 5

Ivan Dino Ultra Mode 6

(Ivan Gets His Saber Out And Slashs WWE Warrior Vivix And Spikeballs Come)

Tyler Lets Put Our Balls Together And Use The Dino Cycles

Ivan Aggred Bro Tyler

Tyler Wtf Did You Take A Stupid Pill Today

Ivan YUS

Tyler Ok

Ivan Ultra Sonic Sound Weapon Strike

(It Strikes The Vivix & Spikeballs The WWE Warrior Slashs Ivan)

WWE Warrior Weakling

Ivan Ugh Fuck You 2

Tyler Dino Cannon Strike



(The Vivix And Spikeballs Are Destroyed)

Ivan Lets Finsh This Dick Together Solo Saber Maxenize Mode Maxenize Strike



Tyler Dino Cannon Strike



(WWE Warrior Is Destroyed)


Wrench Yes Enerlarge

(WWE Warrior Grows)

Tyler Ok Dino Megazord Time Dino Max Lamp Taffie Tung Master Megazord Tung Wip



WWE Warrior You Fool

Ivan Ptera Megazord Ptera Shark Wolf Formation Megazord

WWE Warrior I Beat John Cena In A Match I Can Beat You

Tyler Really Dino Master Sorwad Strike


WWE Warrior Stupid Move




(The Megazord Falls)

Tyler Fuck

Ivan Shark Bite



WWE Warrior Wanna A Shark Bite Take This




(The Other Megazord Falls)

WWE Warrior Im The King

Ivan Tyler I Have A Plan Lets Summon The Ptera Tung Wolf Master Megazord

Tyler Aggred Ptera Tung Wolf Master Megazord

WWE Warrior Please Rangers

Tyler No You Asked For This Ptera Master Blast




WWE Warrior No I Was The King....How Can I Fall To These Puny Rangers-


Tyler Dino Fucking Compleate

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Yes Im A Lonley Man With No Wife

Girl 2 Really?

(The 6 Rangers Return)

Ivan Hey There My Girls

Keeper Backoff M8 Fucking I Helped Them

Ivan Since When?

Keeper 1939

Ivan Pfff You Make Me Laugh Funny Guy

Keeper Anyways Rangers (Smokes) Since 6 Energems Are Found We Gotta Keep Looking We'll-

(Girl 1 Puts A Smoke In Keepers Mouth)

Keeper I Cant Smoke 2

Girl 1 Yes You Can

Ivan Ugh Im So Jealous

Keeper Jealous?

Ivan Yes I Am

The End

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