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Keeper Tells A Story About Ivans Past (When He Was A Little Baby) And He Teases Him Ivan Gets Mad And Turns Into The Hullk Meanwhile Singe Starts Plotting Aginst Snide

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Air date 3 April 2016
Written by User:OmniWill
Directed by User:Stranger26/User:ALT23
Episode Guide
James Story
A Dream Riley Could Of Had


Fury Master Snide I Have A Plan

Singe Err It Will Probley Be A Weak Plan

Fury Shut Your Candle Singe We Will Use The Memery Stick And Go Into The Rangers Computers And Get All Ther Weapons

Snide I Like That Plan Fury But If You Fail I Will Sqash You Like A Fly

(In The Dino Base Ivan Is Listing To Trumpet Music Tyler Comes In With Condoms)

Tyler Heres Some Porndoms

Ivan Fuck that

Kendall Rangers Get Down To The Base Keeper Wants You There

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Rangers Tylers Battleizer Is Reddy

Tyler Awww Yeah

Ivan What Is This To Us

Keeper Oh Yeah And Lets Tallk About Ivans Story

(A Guy In A Invisable Coat Comes In And Puts A Memery Stick Into The Computer)

(100 Years Ago)

Ivan Im Ivan Ya

Ivans Grandfather Your Ivan The Dick

Ivan Oh

Ivans Grandfather Getting Triggered

Ivan YES

(Ivan Closes The Curtens)

Ivan Keeper Stop Embarrsing me

Keeper Yeah No

(In The City Upgrader Attacks The City)

Upgrader Fools


Keeper Rangers Go Out Tyler Take Dino Charger 68

(Tyler Runs Out)

(The Rangers Arrive)

Tyler Lets Put This Warrior On Ice

Upgrader I Dont Think So

(The 6 Morph)

Ivan Dino Ptera Mode Ptera Strike




Upgrader Ugh.....No

Tyler Dino Charger 68 Dino Super Battleizer Mode Ya


Upgrader Oh Shit

Singe mmm This Plan Is Pathetic

Upgrader Oh Fuck

Tyler Mayham Your Going Down Blast


Upgrader Ha...I Dont Think So Dino Charger 88 Dino Ultra Mode Slash


(Tyler Unmorphs)

Tyler Oh Fuq

Upgrader Yes See That You Pesky Rangers Im Powerful

Ivan Not Powerful Than Me

Upgrader Lets See Dino Boy Dino Ultra Wings




(The 5 Unmorph)

Kendall Oh Shit The Rangers Need A New Dino Charger

Fury Ahhh Yes They Do

Kendall How Did You Get In Here

Fury Oh It Was Easy



Keeper Fury You Raciet

Fury Shutup Keeper


(Keeper Falls)

Fury (Takes The Stick Out Of Kendalls Computer) Now To Deliver This To Snide

(Fury Retreats)

(In Snides Ship)

Fury See Master Singes Dumb Plans Always Fail Im The Real Deal

Snide Aggred

Singe You Fucking Cunt

Fury Shutup Your Useless

Singe Your Plan Will Fail And You Will Bal Down To Snide

Fury Really I Alreddy

Snide THATS EONGH BRICKING You Fuckheads Fury Go Contine Your Plan Singe Stop Being A Nutcase

(In The City)

Upgrader Im Invisable

Ivan Ugh Were Down

Kendall Not For Long Rangers Summon Dino Charger 85 Dino Ex Blade It Can Turn Into A Cannon 2

Tyler Dino Charger Ex Blade Strike


Upgrader Ugh....What The Upgraded

Singe Ahhh Yes I Took It

Upgrader You Fool

(Singe Trows A Fireball At Him Destroying Him)

Fury No My Plan

Snide FURY You Stupid Worm Enlarge

(Upgrader Grows)

Tyler Dino Super Max Taffie Tung Lamp Master Megazord

Ivan Ptera Sun Shark Megazord

Kendall Plesio Trip Savro Megazord

Tyler Now Your Going Down

Upgrader No

Tyler Dino Max Fan





Upgrader No...Singe You Weak Cunt-


Singe Master Fury Failed His Plan To Get The Rangers Weapons Failed

Heckel Yes Anything Else

Fury IT WAS Your Fault Singe Heckel Dont Listen To This Bitch Hes Alreddy Being A Fucking Dick

Heckel Fury SIT DOWN

Fury Yes Master

Heckel Singe If You Want Another Chance To Destroy The Rangers Go Fury Dont Foil It

(Singe Raseiberrys Fury)

Fury Oh You Will Pay Singe

Singe No Snide Will

The End 

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