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Ivan Is Shot By Furys Latest Warrior he Becomes A Peanut And Bees A Idiot While he Trys A Bit Of Porn

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(In Snides Ship)

Snide This Is My Ship Now Sledge Is Gone So He Dosent Desvre A Ship So He Can Take His Name He Gave This Ship And Shove It Up His Ass

Fury Yes Aggred

Wrench Shall I Get A Warrior


Peanut Warrior Ahh Yes I'm Here MASter Sled- Oh Who The Fuck Are You

Snide I'm Snide You Will Go Out And Take The Rangers Apart

Peanut Warrior Yes Sir

(In The Dino Base Ivan Has Got a Spyglass And Looks At Keepers Bills)

Ivan Lol He Has A Lot Of Bills

Keeper And Your Paying For Them Since You Looked At Them

Ivan Oh Shit

(Ivan Pays For Them)

Ivan Do I Get Money

Keeper No

(Peanut Warrior Is In The City)

Peanut Warrior Lets Cause Some Trouble

Ivan Huh A Scumbag Is In The City

(Ivan Runs To The City And Is Shot)

Ivan Ugh

PW Huh I Got The Gold Ranger Ahhh Yes

Ivan Ugh Shit (Falls)

Keeper Rangers Go A Warriors Attacking

Kendall I'm Coming This Time

(The 6 Arrive)

PW More Rangers Fools

Kendall Yeah Were Here To Shut You Up

PW Idiot Did You See Your Friends On The Ground

(The 6 Look On The Ground)

Chase Its A Peanut We Have No Friends That Are Peanuts

PW Wrong Its The Gold RANGer I Turned Him Into A Gold Peanut

Keeper Rangers Get That Gold Peanut I Can Pay For Porn Then

Tyler Fuck Off M8 Its Ivan

Keeper WTF

Peanut Warrior Now I'm Going

Tyler Get Back Here (Attacks Him But Is Wacked He Unmorphs)

PW Il Turn You Into 1 Saygoodbye

Tyler No Dino Charger 88 Dino Ultra Mode Dino Ultra Blast



PW No-


(In Snides Ship)

PW Master....I Got The Gold Boy But That Red Ranger Was 2 Tough

Snide Ahh Yes I Want You To Be A Sneaky Cunt And Fucking Get All 6 Rangers

PW Yes Sir

Snide Fury Help Him He Was Useless When He Went Down

Fury Yes Master

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper So That's Ivan

Tyler That's What The Warrior Said

Kendall Lets Put It In A Container

Keeper No Lets Bye Shit With It

Kendall Really

Tyler Keeper No That's Our Friend

Queen Oh Your My Best Friend

Tyler Who tf Are You

Queen I'm Queen The Band

Tyler Whatever Man

PW Yes Il Turn Evreyone Into Peanuts

Fury Then When The Rangers Arrive You Will Take Care Of Them

PW Yes Huh Where Did You Come From

Fury Oh I'm Going To Help

Tyler You 2

U2 With Or Without You WOW And You-

Fury Bono Shutup

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

Kendall 7

(They Morph)

Tyler Now Lets Shut Your Cock Up

PW I Don't Think So

Kendall Well I Do Guys Take These Dino Charges They Will Summon Weapons

Tyler Ok Dino Charger 126 Dino Axe Weapon

(Tyler Slashs PW)

Fury Hey Red What About Me

Tyler Oh Your Next

Fury You Are A Fool Tyler I Hunted Your Father

Tyler No Your The Fool For Going After My Father Dino Saber


Fury Ugh Take This


Tyler Ugh

Fury Suffer My Power


Tyler Ugh (Falls) Ok Dino Ultra Mode

Fury Fool That Wont Help You

Tyler Oh Yeah It Will Dino Ultra Blast


Fury Ugh.....Nice Trick But Try Mine Striker Slash


(Tyler Unmorphs)

Tyler Ugh

Koda Your Going Down

PW I Don't Think So

Shelby Well I Do Dino Charger Blast


Keeper Yes I Have The Gold


(The Gold Peanut Turns Into Ivan)

Ivan Wtf Am I Doing Here

Keeper IDk Go

(Ivan Goes)

(Ivan Comes Back Grabs A Salad Role And Goes)

Keeper Ugh Idiotoc

Shelby Yeah Your Holder Is Now Destroyed You Scum

PW But I Can Still Destroy You

Shelby Oh No You Cant

Ivan Indeed (Arrives With Dino Charger 77 The Folo Stunn Wip) This Will Shut You Up For Good

Fury Oh Yeah Knight

Ivan Yeah Pussycat Dino Charger 77 Dino Folo Stunn Wip


Fury Ugh....Snide (Retreats) (Arrives Back At The Ship) They Just Destroyed Peanut Warrior

Snide Ahh Yes They Have Enlarge My Warrior

PW (Grows)

Ivan Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord Wolf Howe


PW Ugh...No

Ivan Oh Come On One Blast And You Are Hurt Your Weak

PW Not Weak Eongh

Ivan Oh Yeah I Got A Dino Charger Here Dino Charger 86 Dino Sun Zord Ptera Sun Shark Megazord

PW Huh No

Ivan Your Screwed Sun Blast




PW Fuq-


Snide Ugh Fools These Rangers Are Getting On My Nerves

Fury Theve Been On Mine Lots Of Times

Wrench Oh Yeah

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper So Rangers Did You Like Ivans New Zord

Tyler Um No

Ivan Shutup Tyler My Zord Was Awsome

Tyler Really?

Keeper Did You Like The New Dino Charges

Tyler Keeper Your Acting Werid

(Nothing Happens For 2 Mins And Keeper Explodes)

The End

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Air date 20 Feb 2016
Written by User:Solo28

User:Letter guy User:Omyx

Directed by User:Super Samurai 16
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