Plot Edit

Crugger Punshies jack After He Looks At irty Girls On the internet (some naked girls) The Others Have Trouble Dealing Wth Broodwings Latest Warrior Who Spits Out Chains While Kat Is Making A NewBattleizer For Jack

Transcript Edit

Jack Oh Yea Look In Here Cool

Crugger Jack Wtf r Oh Fuck

Jack U Yea

Grum So You Failed

Broodwing No It Was The Rangers Faults They Were Freed From The Stinnger

Grum How Many Times Fine

Broodwing I Have A Warrior Chain Warrior Come

CW Yes Im Here

Broodwing He'll Destroy The SPD Rangers

Grum Go And Dont Fail Me

CW Yes At Ur Serves

Jack Rlly So Im Punished

Crugger Yes

Jack IveGot Them Here

Morgana These Rangers r Annoying

Boom Stop

Morgana Orange Ranger Ur Mine


Crugger U 4 Go

Syd Yes

Boom Ya


Morgana Hahahaha

CW Yes Im Here

Syd And Were Here 2

Morgana Yes Lets Face Em

Boom Ha


Jack Oh Come On

CW Ha Ur Doomed

Crugger Fine Go

Jack Yes

CW Now To

Jack No




Grum Failer Bats Unite

CW Now Il Finsh U

Jack Strum Megazord Fire Strike


CW No-


Jack Finaly

Broodwing MAWAWAWA

Kat Jack Actvate The Battleizer

Jack Yes SPD Battleizer

Jack Force Mode


Broodwing No..... (Leaves)

Grum U Failed The Beast Is Thatr Way

(Broodwing Goes In And Once Again He Gets Bashed Up)

The End

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Jacks In Trouble
Air date 15 September 2005
Written by User:My Return Comes Back
Directed by User:Of Ther 2
Episode Guide
The Shadow Secret
The Orange Doubt

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