Plot Edit

James Tells A Dumb Story About Why He Was Away For So Long Keeper Gives Him A Commbo For His Auqa Megazord And They Take Down Singes Warrior

Transcript Edit

Heckel Singe You Moron

Singe Yes I'm A Fat Cunt

Heckel Get Me A Warrior

Singe Xel Warrior

XW Yes Master Singe

Heckel mmm This Plan Might Work

Fury And If It Dosent

Heckel Then I Will Take Charge

Fury Aggred Heckel

(In The Dino Café James Is Putting Up His New Queen Poster)

James Ahh Ther A Good Band

Tyler Yeah Ther Lead Singer Died In The 1990s

James Ah Yes Freedie Mercey

(In The City)

XW Ahhh Yes Now Lets Start Attacking The City

Keeper Rangers A Attack Go

(The 7 Rangers Arrive)

Ivan Who The Fuck Are You

Singe Hes With Me

Tyler Oh Fuck It Singe Your Always Behind Heckels Ass

Singe Yes That's Really Good Isnt It

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Chase Dino Charger 3

Riley Dino Charger 4

Koda Dino Charger 5

Ivan Dino Charger 6

James Dino Charger 9

(They Morph)

James Ive Got Singe

Singe Want Me To Burn Your Ass Off




James Ugh

Tyler Dad You'lle Pay For That You Candle

Singe Ahh (Picks Up Tyler) Who Will Pay For It Who (Trows Him And Shoots Him Tyler Unmorphs)

Tyler Ugh

Singe I'm Done With This

XW I'm Not

James Dino Charger 71 Dino Auqa Form Strike



XW Ugh You Fool (Retreats)

James Oh No Tylers Hurt

(In Snides Ship)

Snide So Singe You Made The Red Ranger Uncotchness

Singe Yes He Was Easy

Snide Aggred

Singe I'm Not Weak Unlike Fury

Fury Ha Il Show You Whos Weak

Singe Will You MotherFucker

Fury Yes I Will Dipshit

Singe Ha I Like To See That

Snide Eongh Singe Take That Warrior Back Out And Crash The Rangers

Singe Yes

(Singe Goes)

Snide Finaly The Rangers Will See There A New Master In Town

(In The Dino Base Koda Does A Dino Poo)

Koda Smells Good Hey Tyler Look

Tyler What Oh Fuck Wtf Man Clean It Up

(Keeper Trows A Cricket Bat In Kodas Head)

Keeper Fucking Idiot Clean That Shit Now Or Il Send You To Hostapull

Koda Oh (Cleans It Up)

James Rangers After I Got Out Of The Cave

(10 Years Ago)

James Ive Gotta Run

Fury Oh No You Don't Spikeballs Get Him

(The Spikeballs Grab James)

Fury Lets Take Him To The Fire Of Oz Where He'll Burn

(The Spikeballs Take Him To The Fire Of Oz And Keeper Comes)

Keeper Fury Stop This Idiotocness

Fury No

(Keeper Shoots Fury In The Fire Of Oz And Shoots The Spikeballs They Turn Into Dust)

Keeper Common Kid


James So That Was My Story

Keeper It Was Crap Let Me Tell You My Story

(10 Years Ago)

James Oh Fuck Shit Shit Shit (Goes To The Bathroom And Pisses Fury Goes In And Is Pissed On Keeper Wacks James In The Head And Takes Him To The Fire Of Oz)

Keeper This Will Despose Of You (Keeper Trows Him In) Good RiddaNCe To Bad Rubbish


James Thats Not How The Story Went

Keeper Aham Yes It Is

James BS You Make Up Fucking Lies Just To Be Like Gosei Well Gosei Was A Fat Lazy Pig

(everyone Gasps)

Zordon (Watching From Heven) Wtf

James Its True Gosei Was Rude Careless Stupid Dumb And Not Funny If You Want To Be Like Him Go Ahead Just Stop Making Shit Up

Keeper GET OUT

James Fine

(In The City Singe Attacks It)

Singe Now Il Be The King

XW Aggred Them Rangers Are Fools

James Fucking Keeper Wants To Be Like Gosei He Was Rude Not Respectful And Fucking Dumb

Singe Lets Burn This City

James Oh Shit Dino Charger 9 (Morphs) Hey You Fuckers Stop

Singe Yeah No

James Dino Charger 88 Dino Auqa Mode Dino Auqa Wings Wing Strike




Singe Ha You Fool


(James Falls)

Keeper Ugh I'm Just Trying To Be Funny Huh A Attack Oh Fuck James Ass Is Getting Destroyed (Smokes) Rangers Go Kendall You 2

Kendall k

(The 7 Go)

Singe You Are Weak


James Ugh

Tyler Dad You Ok Guys Dino Chargers

(The 7 Morph)

Ivan Ok Vermon Your Going Down Dino Super Mode Dino Super Wings Strike




Singe Ugh.......Shit-


Snide Fools Someone Help Singe

Fury Yeah No

Singe Ugh....Fools

Ivan Your The Only Fool Around Here

XW Oh Really

Ivan Yeah Dino Charger 26 Dino Flex Saber


XW Ugh-


Singe Oh Shit I'm Going (Retreats)

Snide Fury Enlarge

(XW Grows)

Tyler Ok Time To Shut This Warrior Up Dino Super Max Lamp Tung Taffie Master Megazord

Ivan Ptera Sun Shark Megazord

Kendall Plesio Trip Savro Megazord

Keeper James Form Your Megazord Ive Got 2 Dino Charges For You

James Cool Auqa Hippo Snake Megazord

Keeper Ok Now Use The Snake Bite

James Snake Bite



Ivan Lets Finsh This Scumbag Ptera Lighting Strike


XW No-


Ivan Ahhh That's Much Better


Keeper James I'm Going To Send You On A Mission To Get The Silver Energem

James Yes Aggred

Keeper So Go

James Tyler I'm Going To Get The Silver Energem

Tyler kk

(James Leaves)

Keeper Now....

(Koda Poos)

Koda I Think I Have Diyrea

(Screen Goes Dark Keeper Wacks Koda With His Stick)


The End

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Air date 26 April 2016
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
Episode Guide
A Auqa Return
Ivans Mess

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