Plot Edit

Jayden Is Tooken To hospital After Breaking His Back Antino Gets Mad And Storms Off (Wishing Jaydens Back Was Better) Mentor Puts A Flower On Jaydens Head And He Is All Better Again At The End He Shows Off His Samurai Cartwheel Skills And Breaks His Spine

Triva Edit

This Is A Part 2

This Is A Power Rangers Samurai Episode

Transcript Edit

(The Ambalance Are Rushing Jayden To The Emergcey Room)

Ji Are You Stupid You Could Of Killed Yourself

Jayden Nah Im Not Sonny Jim Did You Hear Tom Petty Died


Jayden FREE FALLIN Now Do You

Ji No

Jayden Ugh

(Antino Is Right Behind The Staff)

Antino Jayden Are You Ok

Jayden Yes Scooby Doo

Antino I Am Not A Stupid Dog

Jayden Well Then You Can Be Fred Flinstone

Antino me Watever

Jayden Ok Now Can You Go Into My Back And Pull Watever Is In Tere

Medcial staff But Were Not Trainned

Jayden Wat Is Tis Te Dumb ostpital

Antino um Yes (Points Up To A Singh)

Jayden Ugh Idiots

Antino Aww Well Im Going Out For A Smoke (Goes Out For A Smoke Sees Shit On The Ground) Thats Nasty

(544345665457654 Mins Later)

Antino Alright Jayden Payden You Finshed

Jayden Yes I Am Can I Have A smoke

Antino No

Jayden Awww

(Back At Te Sibra House)

Ji Sorry Rangers But Today Were Going To Be Learing About Defending Ourself

Jayden Awww Yeah I Love That Game YA yA

Kevin His Spine Is Going To Crack

Jayden BS Kevin Stop Being A BS Artest For Once



The End

Jaydens Back Sergerey
Season 1, Episode 9
Jayden & Antino (Prm Is Back)
Air date 2 September 2017
Written by User:Summer Lover 3

User:Jawsattack 34

Directed by User:Planet awesome
Episode Guide
Jaydens Sorwad Master Skills
Casey And The Sunnies

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