Plot Edit

Jayden Shows Off To Ji & The Other Samurai Rangers His Samurai Sorwad Master Skills At The End He Breaks His Back

Triva Edit

This Is A Part 1

Jaydens Sorwad Master Skills
Season 1, Episode 8
Jayden (lol Mount Rushmore)
Air date 25 March 2017
Written by User:Dreammaker 34
Directed by User:Swap29/User:As I Return
Episode Guide
TJs New Cruse
Jaydens Back Sergerey

This Is A Power Rangers Samurai Ep

Transcript Edit

(Ji Is Trainng The Rangers)

Ji You Must Be Strong And Brave

Jayden And Sexy

Ji Jayden You Have The Sprirt Of The-

Jayden Sex

Ji No The Sprirt Of The-

Jayden Sex

Ji No

Jayden Porn

Ji No

Jayden 69


jAYDEN Wait Your 398


Jayden Im Going To Get A Sorwad (Pulls Out A Purple Sorwad)

Ji Cut up Watermelon

Jayden (Shows Off His Skills And Cuts em Up) NOW IM GOING TO CUT UP MT RUSHMORE

(Jayden Triews To Cut It And Fails )

Jayden Bildings

(He Fails)

Jayden Um Skyscrapers

(He Tries To Cut Em up Biut Fails)

Emliy So Why Is Jayden Being Idiotoc

Jayden Hey Emlity u know u Wanna Have #69 With me

Emliy Eww No Way

Jayden Ya Ya Ya

(Jayden Keeps Cutting Shit Up)

(Jaydens Back Starts To Hurt)

Mike Jayden Your Backs Hurting

Jayden BS

Jayden (Cuts Up Houses And Trucks Then Towers And Even The Musiem In NATM)


Jayden Oh Shit

Mike Lol


To Be Contined....

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