Plot Edit

The Grandma Makes Aisha Stay But She Dosent Want To The Grandma Kiddnapps Her Tommy Goes In And Relives The Grandma Is Goldars Warrior At The End Aisha Stays At The Place She Sends Tanya Back Tommy Goes Back As Well And Thew Rangers CC Is Attacked By Vile & Goldar Who Destroy CC Wth End Up Being Destroyed Themselfs

Transcript Edit

Delphane Ugh

Zordon Aisha Are U Comiung

Old Grandma Oh No Old Man Ive Got Her I'l Destroy Her Now

Tommy Im Going In

Tanya U Are a Son Of A Cock

Grandma FUCK OFF

Tanya K

Tommy Yweah Old Lady Time To Give Up

Aisha Tommy?

Grandma ahhh Tommy Gess Wat Im Goldars Warrior Doomatron

Doomatron Hello Rangers

Tommy Uh Oh How Do We Defeat-

(Doomatron Escapes)

Tommy Phew

Aisha The Yellow Zeo Ctystel No Actley I Want To Stay Here Take Tanya Back Wth U Tantya Take My Crystel Back Wth U

Tanya Yes

Tommy Yes K

(tanya & Tommy Go Back)

Aisha Goodbye Rangers

Zordon Wat Aisha Leavoing Boo

Tanya Ha Im Here

Doomatron Rangers

Zordon Alien Rangers Go

Delphane Its Morphin Time

Aurico Doomatron Times Up

Doomatron IN UR DREAMS

Delphane Ur Oiut And Soon Doon For shark Cannon


Delphane Yes No

Doomatron Ahhh The Lossers I WILL DESTROY U


(The 4 Rangers Unmorph)

Delphane Ur Powers But Minw Arent

Doomatron Foolish Ranger

Delphane Final Strike Ultra Saber Strike


Doomatron Rangers.................One Day I Will Defeat U-


Delphane Ugh (She Unmorphs)

(bak At CC)

Zordon Im Sorry Abut Ur Loss Of Power Alien Rangers But Now For The Teens



(the 6 Teens Are Back To Ther Normal Age)

Tantya Yeah

Tommy Wat Abut Aisha

Zordon Shes Fine

Vile But Ur Not

Tommy Goldar & Vile

Goldar Yes White Ranger MAWAWAWAWAWA




Vile & Goldar Wtf Is Haping-


(zordon Alpha 5 Vile & Goldar Die And The rangers are Telported Out Just In Time)


To Be Contined....

Jorneys End
Season 3, Episode 76
Air date 11 Feb 1996
Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by User:Sci100
Episode Guide
Eye Of The Sparro
The Zeo Comes

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