Plot Edit

Kamdor Challagers Tyzonn To A Duel While 5 Rangers r Kiddnapped By Miratrix

Transcript Edit

Mira So The Fearcats Have 2 New Friends

Kamdor Yes I Need Vella

Mira ut Molytor Shes Wth Him

Kamdor Yes But WSoon Will Be The Moment Of Victory

Andrew Ugh U 6 r All Stuffed From The Fearcats


Mira Yes

Mack Ha Were Here

Kamdor Wheres The Mercey Ranger He Shall Suk My Dik

Tyzonn Dont Speak To Me Like that u Hog

Kamdor Oh Yes

Tyzonn Mercey Blade

Kamdor Merceyu This


Tyzonn Ugh

Mack Tyzonn Were Here

Mira Oh No Ur Not


Miratrix But We r

Kamdor Yes The Mercey Ranger Is Down On ur feet

Tyzonn No


Tyzonn Mercey Blade


Kamdor Ugh-


Mira Yes Now To Capture U Fools (Captures 5)

Mack Wtf r We in this Cage for

Mira Oh A Plan For My master Once He Defeats the Mercey Dickhead He'll Be Trapped In here 2

Tyzonn Ugh

Kamdor Put Him In

(Mira Trows Him In)

Kamdor U 6 r Going To Give me The Gems

Mack Get F**Ked

Kamdor u do that Where Is The Gems

Tyzonn Wheres My Girlfriend

Kamdor Im Not telling that info on u u cunt

Tyzonn Ur the Cunt here

Kamdor Cunt STFU

Mira Eongh Now What Was the Plan

Tyzonn Mercey Blade


Tyzonn That Was Lets Retreat

Kamdor U Bitch




(The 6 Retreat)

Andrew Ok this is the Plan U bitches ive had eongh of fucking This BS U cunts Be Preppered For the Cats The fearcats

Mack ok

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 1 October 2007
Written by User:Ude William/User:SubZero309
Directed by User:PokeRob
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War To The Rangers
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