Plot Edit

Tommy Is Shot By Kat and He Is Tooken To Vile Vile Turns Kat Into A Warrior She Battles The Rangers To The Death Mewanwhile The Other Warrior Battles Tommy To The Death Again

Transcript Edit

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Tommy Ugh That Was

Kat me kat

Tommy kk Me Tommy

Kat Letz Go For A Ride

Tommy Yus


And Now

Vile So Kat Is Handling Tommy So I'l Handle the 5 Others

Rockster Yes TheRangers Are Falling To Ther Will

Vile Rockster GET UP HERE

Rockster Master Please I Can-

Vile NO

Tommy Shark Cannon These Puttys Are Easy

Vile Ugh Fools Look At Them

Scorpina Im Back Retarts

Tommy Scorpina

Vile FireThe Vileater

Scorpina Waitr Vile ROAR

Vile Hahaha Useless Warrior

Scorpina Il Blast U rangers To Bits


Tommy Socket Megazord Socket Saber


Scorpina Fool U Think Vile AgAin

Vile Rangers The Ultra Blast Again

Tommy Sherid


Tommy Ugh

Vile Goodbye Rangers See Y- Ugh My Power

Scorpina U Fool U Are Too Weakend Go

Vile Ur Not My Boss

Scorpina Il Turn U Into Scrapp


Tommy Lets Finsh Em Socket Hydro Gun


Scorpina Viles Gone But Im Not

Tommy Saber Strike Guys All Together


Scorpina Ugh..........Help

Goldar U Failed

Scorpina It Was Vile

Goldar U Shall Meat My Sorwad

Tommy Zordon Scorpina Attacked

Zordon Yes Tommy IK

Kat Ha


Tommy Oh No

Kat Yes I Captured U

Vile U Brought Him Back Now


Kat Warrior I Will Destroy The Rangers

Rocky So

Kim Wat

Rockster White Ranger Ur Mine


Tommy White Power

Rockster So The White Ranger Falls Down To My Sorwad

Tommy Shark Cannon Ur Down & Out



Rockster Wat Im Going Big Now

Tommy White Tigerzord White Tiger Blast


Rockster The Blast Is Too Powerful-


Kat Warrior 5 Rangers

Tommy Make It 6

Kat Warrior 6 Ahhhh Yes The WhiteRanger Returned Make It 0


Tommy Shark Cannon


Kat Warrior Up I Go

Rocky Socket Megazord

Kat Warrior The Socket Megazord Yes To Ur Doom


Tommy Saber Strike


Kat Ugh.....

Vile U Failed Ur Mission

Scorpina Master Shall I Destroy Her

Vile No I Have 1 Plan For Her She Can Steel The Pink Rangers Power Coin MAWAWAWAWAWA

Kat Yes I'l Sucseed This Time

The End

Kat! She Must Come
Season 3, Episode 54
Air date 1 October 1995
Written by Jarrad Waite

Judd Lynn Will Fouracres Len Uhley

Directed by User:Power Over Him

User:Awsome Fun

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