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Kendall Is Ambushed By Fury Fury Is Shot By A Warrior That Is Furys Enmey Fury Starts To Have Respect For Her While The Warrior Runs Havoc Around The City He Also Defeats The Rangers While At It Keeper Gives The Rangers Dino Charger 76 Witch Defeats The Warrior Fury Recovers And Retreats

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Air date 18 Feb 2015
Written by User:Duncan Crook


Directed by User:Westen Guy
Episode Guide
A Manchine Attack
Shelby Takes The Wig Off


(Tyler Is Watching Yugioh Arc 5)

Tyler This Is Shit

Chase What Is It Oh Yes Thats Lame

Keeper Rangers Its Time That We Recharged Your Energems

(Justin Timberlake Comes)

Justin Timberlake My New Songs Are Shit Well Im Meainng Cant Stop The Feeling

Keeper Aggred

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Fury So You Failed Them Dino Morons Are Getting Annoying Evrey Day

Poisandra Ugh Crossbo Warrior You Hated Fury

Crossbo Warrior Yes I Did Hes A Pig

Poisandra Then Go And Destroy His Ass

Crossbo Warrior Yes Thanks

(In The Dino Cafe Kendall Wallks In And Koda Is Trowing Pattys Around)

Koda Fuck You Mother Fucker

Kendall EONGH Who Started This

Tyler Um (Points To Koda) Koda

Koda Fuck Off I Dint Do Shit

Kendall Koda Get Out

Koda Ugh

Fury Ahhh Yes The Ity City I Will Destroy It


Koda Keeper A Attack

Keeper Go

(The 5 Run To The Battle But They Are Shot By Crossbo Warrior)

Crossbo Warrior Il Handle Fury You Mother Fuckers

Tyler Ok Lets Take This Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

Riley Roadkill Time Dino Saber

(He Slashs Crossbo Warrior Riley Then Uses The Dino Flex Saber And Shoots Crossbo Warrior)

Crossbo Warrior Ugh Il Be Back

(He Retreats)

Keeper Rangers Ive Made Dino Charger 23 The Dino Bikes Use Em

(Tyler Summons The Dino Bikes)

(They Race To Fury Tyler Wins And Bumps His Head On A Singh)

Tyler Ugh

Fury Ahh Yes Red Ranger

Tyler Who The Fuck Are You

(Fury Shoots Him Tyler Uses The Dino Gun And Shoots Fury)

Fury Ugh Good Shot But Your Father Was A Idiot

Tyler How Do You Know My Father

Fury Oh Yes

Tyler Tell Me

Fury No

Tyler Ugh

Fury Now I Gotta Go (Retreats)

Tyler Oh Man

(Back At The Base)

Keeper What Happend

Tyler Well Fury Attacked Me And A Warrior Is After Him

Keeper Really (Goes Trow His Dirary) No No No Fury Did Not Attack You

Kendall Wait He Attacked Your Father

Keeper BS My Father Was A Idiot He Died In World War 4

Tyler Really? Where Tallking About My Father

Keeper Oh

(Fury Contines Runninng)

Fury Fuck Fuck Fuck

Crossbo Warrior Ahhh Fury Finaly I Will Catch You

(Fury Gets A Sorwad And Strikes Crossbo Warrior)

Fury Ahhh Finaly (He Runs)

(Meanwhile The Others Are Looking For Both Fury And The Warrior)

Chase I Cant See Them

Koda But I Can Smell Them This Way (He Leads Em To New York) Ahh Much Better

(Keeper Trows A Stone At Koda)

Keeper Fucking Idiot

(The Rangers See Fury)

Shelby There Hes Doing Something

Fury Uh Oh

Shelby Fury Step Back

Fury I Dont Think So Rangers (Shoots The 4 They Fall)

Tyler Ok So That Warriors After Fury And Idk

Keeper You Said That Befor (Smokes)

Tyler Ugh Im Going

Fury Im Going To Crash You

Shelby Then We Better Stop You Dino Charger 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

(Shelby Actvates The Dino Spin Cannon Dino Charger 13 It Shoots Fury And The Warrior Arrives)

Crossbo Warrior Fury Your Mine

(CW Shoots Fury The Rangers Run Up But Are Shot By CW They Unmorph And CW Slashs Fury Fury Shoots CW And It Dosent Hurt)

Koda Ugh That Was A Tough Shot

(CW Slashs Fury He Falls)

CW Now Il Finsh You

Tyler No You Wont (Kicks CW In The Nuts)

Tyler Dino Charger 76 Dino Spike Sorwad

CW Uh Oh

Fury Im Going Bye Fuckers

(Fury Retreats)

CW Please One More Chance

Tyler No (Slashs CW)


CW Fuck-


Fury Who Sent That Dirtbag To Destroy Me

Sledge Idk Enlarge My Warrior

(CW Grows)

Tyler Dino Max Zord

Shelby Dino Tung Zord

Chase Dino Lamp Zord

Riley Dino Taffie Zord

Koda Dino Master Zord

(They Form Ther Zords Riley Shoots CW)

Tyler Dino Max Tung Lamp Taffie Master Megazord

(They Go In The Megazord)

Keeper Rangers Use The Dino Charger

Tyler Dino Charger 76 Cycle Mode

(It Goes Cycle Tung Lamp Taffie Master Megazord)

Tyler Lets Stop This Scum

(The Rangers Strike Him With The Master Blast)

Tyler Cycle Strike

(They Drive Across Him He Falls)


Tyler Dino Awesome

(In Sledges Ship)

Poisandra THat Fool Fury He Thinks His Tougher Than Us Hes A Idiot

(Fury Hears It)

Fury Fucking Dickhead You Are Poisandra And I Knew It Was You All Along

Poisandra Whatever

(Fury Leaves)

Fury Watch Your Back

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Well Another Warrior Done For

Kendall Yes And Now I Can Go Shopping

Keeper NO!

Kendall Fuck It

The End

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