Plot Edit

Koda Still Bees A Silly Fool Keeper Keeps Hitting Him The Rangers Are Ambushed By Poisandras Latest Warrior (At The End) Poisandra Is Destroyed In A Killer Manchine By Fury He Plans To Get Rid Of Wrench Next

Triva Edit

Final Apprence Of Poisandra

Acording To Swap & Judd Lynn They Din't Want Poisandra To Be In The Next Series So They Got Rid Of Her In This Ep

Transcript Edit

(Ivan Is Listeing To maroon 5 ft Christina Agerlina Moves Like Jagger)

Ivan Now Il Do The Moves Of Jagger

(He Breaks His Neck)

Ivan Ugh Shit

Poisandra Sledge Allow Me To Destroy The Rangers Them Poxridden Cunts

Sledge Go And If You Fail I Will Eat A Sunflower

Poisandra Yes

Fury Oh So Your Fucking Going To Destroy The Rangers Are You

Poisandra Yes And Il Sucseed Unlike You Faggot

(Poisandra Leaves)

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Ivan Wtf Are You Listing To It Better Not Be Maroon 5

Ivan Yes It Is I'm Going To Do The Moves Of Jagger

(He Does Em And Bangs His Head Into A Wall)

Ivan Ugh (Teeth Break)

Keeper Ugh fucking idiot

(In The Dino Café)

Kendall Ok I'm Going To make Up Some Rules Here

Tyler fuck Your Rules You Bloddy Bitch

Kendall Ugh Screw You Tyler Byler

(In The City Poisandra Is Being A Dick Chase Sees Her)

Chase Oh Its A Slut

Poisandra Oh Fuck You

Chase Dino Charger 3 Dino Taffie Mode

(Chase Strikes Poisandra But She Gets Up The Spikeballs Blast Chase He Unmorphs)

Chase Ugh

Tyler Were Here

Ivan Are You Ok Chase

Chase Yes

Ivan Is Your Phone Ok

Chase Yes

Ivan Is Your Famliy Ok

Chase Aham Yes

Ivan Is Your Wife Ok

Chase Ugh SHUTUP

Poisandra You Fools Havent Seen My New Mode Ultrasandra Mode

Ultrasandra Now Look At Me

Ivan Oh Shit Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord Wolf Howe




Ultrasandra That Did Not Affoct Me Let Me Try

Ivan Ok


(Ivan Falls On The Ground)

Chase Ok Its Our Turn Dino Max Tung Taffie Lamp Master Megazord Master Mode Strike





Ultrasandra Miss Me (Flicks The Megazord It Ends Up In The Poofarm) You Just Wait There Because I Have Lots Of Plans For You

(She Retreats In Sledges Ship)

Sledge That Fool AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT (Has A Heart Attack)

Ultrasandra What Do I Look Like (Looks In The Mirror Sees Herself) I Look So Dumb

Sledge IKR

Ultrasandra I Look Ugly

Sledge Aggred

Fury Ahh Yes Someone Looks Like A Vagina

Ultrasandra Not Funny

Fury Laughs It Is You Will Fall Taking The Rangers On

Ultrasandra Whatever Least I Don't Look As Ugly As You

Fury Actley You Do

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Ok Shes Turned Into Uglysandra

Tyler Lets Bash Her Up

Ivan Aggred

Keeper Kendall Has Made A Clip Weapon

Tyler (Goes To Sleep In His Dream He Wakes Up In A Cake Inside The Cake) Wtf

Ivan Sir Tyler You Ok

Tyler No I'm Not Scum

Kendall Tyler Its Your Birthday

(In Real World)

Kendall The Clip Weapon Will It Can Become A Saber Sorwad All Of The Above

Keeper Aggred Tyler Wtf

(Tylers Alseep Sucking his Thumb)

Ivan Tyler Wake Up

(Tyler Wakes Up)

Tyler So Wtf Is This


Tyler Yes I Did

Ultrasandra Its Time Rangers

Tyler Vaginaheads Back

Ultrasandra So You Return

Tyler You Look Very Ugly

(Ultrasandra Grows)

Ivan Ptera Shark Ghost Megazord

Tyler Dino Max Tung Taffie Lamp Master Megazord

Ivan & Tyler Max Master Ptera Megazord

Ultrasandra Whatts This

Ivan Wing Mode

Ultrasandra Shit

Ivan Wing Strike




Ultrasandra No.....I Cant Belive It

Tyler Belive This Max Saber Strike


Ivan And This Ptera Lighting Blitz




Koda Master Ptera Max Strike





(Ultrasandra Lands On Sledges Ship In Sledges Ship)

Ultrasandra Ugh They Will Pay

Fury Yes And So Will You You Big Hairy Vagina

(Fury Carries Her On A Trolley Witch She Landed On Then Fury Puts Her In The Killer Manchine And It Kills Her)

Fury Yes No More Poisandra

(Blood Is Flicked Onto Fury)

Fury Shit Now Il Get Rid Of Wrench And Then The Whole Crew That Fucknuckkle Sledge Thinks He Can Punish Me Well He Can Fuck Off

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Guys You Did Good Defeating Poisvagina But Now Its Time To Take Out The Rest Of The Villians

Tyler Yes Aggred

The End

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Air date 23 October 2015
Written by User:Swap29

User:Super Samurai 16

Directed by User:Wikias Dead
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The Grey Fight
The Purple Clue

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