Plot Edit

Tommy Is Kiddnapped Adam & Justin Are Ambushed By Divatoxs Warrior & at & Tanya Dissappre For No Reason Is It The End Of The Power Rangers?

Transcript Edit

Elgar Queen Divatox I Have A Plan

Divato Wat Is It

Elgar If We Give The Rangers The Solt And they sprinckle It Around Themselfs It Eill Help Em Destroy The Warriors

Divatox Useles U Are


Elgar Wat

Rygog U Blunding Fool My Queen I Have A Plan Send 2 Warriors Out

Tommy ZOOM

BS Wat The Fuck Why Dod I Deside To Help Them

Kat Ahhh Good Fun Good Fun

Tommy Um Guys I Think We Finshed It

Tanya Good

Welp Warrior Power Rangers Face Me

Tommy Back Into Action

Sord Warrior Ha


Tommy 2 Of Em

Rygog Thats Right Power Rangers Ther Divatoxs NEW MINUNS

Tommy Turbo Up

Rygog Red Ur Mine

(Red & Rygog Face)

Rygog Ur Faliy Was Destroyed By Me

Tommy What Are U Tallking Abut

Rygog Yes U Dint Know And Soon U Shall Be Destroyed


(Tommy Unmorphs)

Divatox Goodjob Rygog His Weak

Kat Cannon


Tanya BS We Got


WW U Fool

SW IKR Lets Finsh Em

Rygog Ahhh Power Ranger Down

Adam IU Backoff

Rygog Green Ranger U Fool

Adam Turbo Axe This Is For Tommy


Divatox Power Ranger U Defeated Rita Zedd Vile & Now The Empire U Cant Really Defeat Me

Adam Yeah So

Divatox So Fool


Rygog Red Ranger



Tommy Huh Rygog

Ryugog Yes Tommy I Have Captured U MAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Tommy Noi

Adam Wheres Tommy

Divatox Oh That Guy Hes Dead

Adam Never

SW Byue Bye Rangers

BS Ha Cop Gun


BS We Must Retreat

(The 5 Retreat)

Divatox Fool I Will Destroy U Later)

Alpha 6 So Tommys Being Captured & Divatox Defeated Adam

Adam Yes It Was Crap

Dimatra No Green Ranger U Are Suppses To Fight

Adam Yes I Have A Plan

To Be Contined....

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Air date 20 April 1997
Written by User:Socking Is Fun :P & William Fouracres
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Episode Guide
After The Reuion
Last Fight Pt 2

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