Plot Edit

Tommy And Kat Tallk (Good Side Of Kat) Kat Says That Vile Is Taking Contral Of Her Mind Tomy & The 4 Rangers Go Up To Stop Viles Plan While Kat Destroys The CC

Transcript Edit

Kat Ugh No

Tommy Kat Huh

Kat Tommy Viles Taking Contral Of Me

Tommy Master Viule

Kat Yes Her Is Powerful U Must Destroy Him

Viile Ugh Kat Is Eviuler

Tommy Guys We Have To Go Up To Viles Ship

Aisha Aggred

Zordon Go


Rito We Got Rangers Coming

Vile Ahhh Guests

Tommy Alright I'l Face Vile U Guyz Face His Minuns

Kat Fools Vile My Plans Working

Vile Yes It Is While They Destroy Us We'll Destroy Them

Kat The command Center

Zordon Huh U

Tommy Its Over Vile

Vile White Ranger Impossable

Kat I Took Care Of Zordon Wth Eas

Vile Now Help Me

Kat Yes Vile

Tommy Guys We Need Toi Finsh

Scorpina Finsh Who

Tommy Uh Oh


Kat Hahahaha White Ranger Ur History

Tommy Kat U Betrayed Us

Kat Yes Foolish Tommy U Were A fool To See This Coming Its Cuz Now Kim Is Goin Away Forever


To Be Contined......

Last Turn Part 1
Season 3, Episode 59
Air date 26 November 1995
Written by User:Rest 23

Judd Lynn Mark Hoffman Will Fouracres

Directed by User:Pillowcokie
Episode Guide
Where The Plan Goes
Last Turn Part 2

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