Plot Edit

After Destroy The CommandCenter Kat Posions The 5 Rangers And Kiddnapps Em And Releases She Has The Pink Power Coin (kims One) Kim Goes Up To Viles Ship And Rescures The Rangers And Shoots Kat Kat Goes Back To The Good Side & The 7 Escape At The End Kim Gives Her Power Coin To Kat Of She Going To Do Her Bullshit

Transcript Edit

Prevley On MMPR (Ernief)

Kat Tommy Viles Taking Contral Of Me

Tommy Master Viule

Kat Yes Her Is Powerful U Must Destroy Him

Tommy Guys We Need Toi Finsh

Scorpina Finsh Who

Tommy Uh Oh


Kat Hahahaha White Ranger Ur History

Tommy Kat U Betrayed Us

Kat Yes Foolish Tommy U Were A fool To See This Coming Its Cuz Now Kim Is Goin Away Forever


And Now

Tommy Kat Ur So Evil

Kat Yes Tommy You Were Foolish To Trust Me

Tommy Trust Yes That Will Never Happen Again

Kat Whatever

Tommy No

Kat And I Have The Pink Power Coin

Tommy Gasp Kims One

Kat Vile Ther Captured

Vile Foolish Rangers It Was A Plan To Destroy U 5 Rangers Finster Do The Spell

Finster Scugger Gegger Gess

Vile U Fools Should Nv Trust Cats

Tommy We'll Never Again

Vile Ur Choice

Tommy Yeah Vile Ur Evil As Heck

Zordon K8im U Need To Go Up And Rescue The Others They Need Ur Help

Kim Yes

Kat Fools Ther Doine For

Vile Wheres The Pink Power Coin

Kat Here


Kim Ha

Kat Pink Ranger Wat

Kim Its Mine


Vile Shutup Or U Can Meet Ur End

Kim Pink Power Take This Kat


Kat No Huh

Vile Ur Useless To Me Now

Kat Huh Monsters Captured Me

Vile Destroy Them All

Tommy You Better Run

Vile In Ur Dreams GET OFF MY SHIP

Tmmy Yes (the 7 Leave)

Zordon Kimberley Its Time For Ur Leave But Who Will U Will Replace U

Kim Kat

Zordon kk

Kat Yay

Tommy Yes Ur Officley A Power Ranger Now

Kim Im Outta Here (Kim Leaves/telports)

Tommy Shes Gone

Zordon A New Team Of Power Rangers Is Reborn

The End

Last Turn Part 2
Season 3, Episode 60
Air date 3 December 1995
Written by User:Rest 23

User:Ernief0000 Judd Lynn William Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
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Last Turn Part 1
Zedds Revenge

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